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1. NEVER call your server "waiter or waitress" Most servers wear name tags or introduce themselves at the table and prefer to be called by their names. If you dont know their name, ask them, they should be happy to tell you. If they dont want to tell you then they deserve to be called what ever you want.
2. NEVER try to get your servers attention by, jingling ice cubes in a glass, yelling across the restaurant, calling them while they are at another table (this will piss most any server off and probably the table they are at too), waving of hands, ect.... The best way to get your server is to wait for them. You most likely are not their only table and they are not ignoring you, their just busy. If it's that important ask another server to get your server.
3. NEVER ignore a server when they come to greet you or try to take your order. Many servers will wait for a minute while you finish what you have to say to someone else but, if you just ignore them they will walk off and you will be last priority. You can break from your conversation and tell your server " can you give us a couple minutes".
4. DON'T blame the server for your steak being under cooked, over cooked, not tasting right. The server does not cook the food they serve it. It is hard to say whose fault it is when your food takes a long time. Most of the time it's no ones fault, people like to walk in and leave at the same time, this means that when the kitchen gets food orders, usually they get them all at the same time. If your food is taking too long your server should come to your table and explain what the problem is. If you walk into a place to eat and they are on a wait, your food will take a little longer than usual. If your server does not come to you table and explain, then ask them or ask a manager, there is usually a good reason.