ADSDAQ - The Banners That Pay!
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1. SHITTY TIPPERS: (people who don't leave the MINIMUM 15% gratuity)
2. SIDE WORK: (the crap that restaurant owners make servers do for 2.13/hr so they don't have to hire anyone at minimum wage to do it)
3. ASSHOLE CUSTOMERS: (Self explainatory)
4. BULLSHIT COMPANY POLICIES: (no smoking, no personal phone calls, dress code ie. facial hair, jewelry...etc.)
5. HYPOCRITICAL LAZY MANAGEMENT: (they want you to bus tables and run food when you are busy but they won't do a damn thing to help out)
7. DOUBLE STANDARDS: (rules that apply only to servers ie. cooks and dishwashers get to eat all day for free while we have to pay for everything, not that its their fault etc.)
8. CLAIMING TIPS: (most restaurants claim a certain percentage for you even though sometimes we walk out with less than what is claimed)
9. PAYING FOR WALK OUTS: (if a customer walks out without paying their could we have stopped them if we are doing what is expected of us ie. running someone else's food?)
10. "BUG NIGHT:" (when they come to spray for bugs why do we, at 2.13/ hour, have to wrap and then unwrap and wipe down EVERYTHING)
11. "CAMPERS:" (people who sit and take up your table forever after they are done eating..unless they "pay you rent")
12. CERTAIN OTHER SERVERS: (table hogs, non-team players that are always asking you for help but won't help when you ask them, brown-nosing the management sections, best schedule, best tables, know-it-alls, non-bathers)