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The Phyllis Hyman Photo Collection
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I was lead to believe that Ms. Hyman killed herself, because, of a man (was it this man pictured?)who had left her. The song "I can't stand living here all alone" was sung with such emotion. This was the first time I heard that she was depressed, because, of all the attention given to Whitney, and Clive Davis wouldn't let her out of her contract. Every time I would see him, I thought something was strange about him, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Now I know. Maybe Ms. Hyman spirit is whipping Whitney? This is so sad. I listen to my Phyllis Hyman collection and I cry so hard. I loved her. Please don't play "I don't want to lose you". I will just lose it for a while. May her spirit rest in peace, and thank you for a wonderful site.
Anonymous | | May 31, 2006

I just found out not to long ago that Phyllis Hyman is one of my many aunts. I Have heard a couple of her songs and have seen plenty of pictures of her to know for certain she is apart of my family tree. She was and still is such a beautiful person with the heart of gold. I just recently found out about her death. My god rest her soul and may her music continue to live for as long as we live. I really appreciate this website honoring her. May we keep her legacy alive. god bless you all.
Ashley Hyman | | August 21, 2006

I'm a long admiring fan of Phyllis Hyman, from childhood. Like you, I just found out about her death - about 3 years ago. Yes, I'd finally returned to civilization. (smile)

I also just found out that Hyman is a 3rd cousin of actor Earle Hyman who was born in a small town in NC. Ofcourse, this makes her, both of them, more facinating to me - the best and most dignified of black entertainers being related.
Not to mention that I have reason to beleive that I matriculated through school with at least one of their relatives.

I do have one prying questions: Did Phyllis Hyman leave behind any children? I would like to think that Jill Scott is her daughter, I see a lot of Phyllis Hyman in her poise and performance. Nonetheless, she was an extraordinary individually. I could only wish for half the strength, heart, and poise she exhibited in her lifetime.

Blessings to her family; may she rest in peace.
An admiring fan of Phyllis Hyman | September 24, 2006

rob | | October 13, 2007

hi i found out that phyllis hyman is my cousin
stephanie sampson | | November 10, 2012