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Cheryl Lynn's Biography, Pt.2

Cheryl Lynn has without question, a great voice!! Her tenure at Columbia yielded a handful of legitimate hits, but maybe they should've took into account the lack of solid promotion she didn't have for most of her career before closing their relationship. After taking a short hiatus, Cheryl signed a 1 album deal with EMI/Manhattan during mid 1986. During her short stay with EMI/Manhattan, the record label was asked to distribute the soundtrack to the comedy flick 'Armed And Dangerous' (starring John Candy). Taking advantage of the fact that Maurice White (of Earth, Wind & Fire fame) was producing the soundtrack (also featuring Atlantic Starr), Manhattan then asked White to write a song for Cheryl to be included on the album. This work with White resulted in the dance oriented single 'Steppin' Into The Night', and the movie ('Armed & Danderous') was eventually released (along with the soundtrack album) on August 15, 1986.

Following the session with Maurice White, Cheryl began work on her next CD, 'Start Over', which was released early in 1987. Cheryl did indeed start over, and she wanted a visual & vocal make over for this project. With that in mind, she decided to enlist ex-Klymaxx member Bernadette Cooper to create something different. The first single released was 'If You Were Mine', and it peaked at #11 on Billboard's R&B chart. The Cooper-produced 'New Dress' was also a moderate hit, and other songs on the CD included 'No Curfew', and 'Just Another Pretty Face', but there would be no other charted singles for Cheryl in 1987.

After spending the next year doing session work, Cheryl was signed to Virgin Records in late 1988, and she recorded songs produced by Jesse Johnson (formerlly of The Time), and members of the hit British group Loose Ends (Carl Mckintosh, Jane Eugene, & Steve Nichol). The resulting album was 1989's 'Whatever It Takes', and the leadoff single, 'Every Time I Try To Say Goodbye' was a decent hit for Cheryl, but the CD wasn't promoted properly. Make no mistake, there are some great songs on this 1989 release ('Upset' & 'Good For Me' for example). The title track & 2nd single, 'Whatever It Takes' (a video was also made for this track), will blow you away. Cheryl really shines on her ballads!!

After her 1989 release, Cheryl continued to provide background vocals, and appear at a variety of revues, like Sinbad's Summer Soul Jam 4 in the mid 1990's. She also released a new CD in Japan ('Good Time' 1996) , and since most of her classic Columbia CDs are now 'out of print', they can be found as expensive collector's items on Ebay. While not ready to re-release Cheryl's entire catalog, Columbia released 'Got To Be Real-The Best Of Cheryl Lynn' on it's Legacy imprint in 1996. This was merely a nice sampler of some of Cheryl's work, and it could've been more comprehensive.

As the new millenium arrived, Cheryl worked with New Jersey Hip-Hop artist J Supreme on 'Your Love (Encore)', which was an update of her 1983 smash 'Encore'. The project with J Supreme proved to be really popular in Europe, but it was never promoted in the Unted States for some reason. In May 2002, Cheryl re-recorded 'Got To Be Real' for the 'Undercover Brother' soundtrack, and while fans eagerly await a new full-length CD from Cheryl, she's also made a variety of appearances including her explosive appearance on ABC's 'Disco Ball', which aired nationwide back in January 2003. On that show, Ms.Lynn proved that she still has a SERIOUS set of lungs and can still bring audiences to their feet with her classic disco hit 'Got To Be Real'. Following the 'Disco Ball' show, Cheryl contributed to the 'Sharktale' soundtrack (September 2004) with the bouncy single 'Sweet Kind Of Life', which was co-produced and co-written by old aquintances Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.

One year later (on September 19, 2005), Cheryl & her timeless anthem, 'Got To Be Real' were honored at the Grand Ballroom of New York's famous Manhattan Center. The classic record from 1978 was inducted into the Dance Music Hall Of Fame, and the award was presented to Cheryl by fellow Disco Diva Carol Douglas. This appropriate recognition came one year after Mary J.Blige's collaboration with Will Smith on a remake of 'Got To Be Real', which was also featured on the 'Shark Tale' soundtrack (along with Cheryl's 'Sweet Kind Of Life').

As the new decade rolls along, fans of Cheryl Lynn are often treated to the diva performing at a variety of charity concerts in Los Angeles (sometimes sharing the bill with other greats like The Emotions among others!), but we'll be on the lookout for a new CD in the near future, and a few of her rare CDs are set to be reissued. The Collectables Record Label will release a 2 on 1 CD featuring BOTH 'In The Night' (1981) & 'Instant Love' (1982) on May 23, 2006. This announcement was indeed great news for Cheryl's fans because they won't have to pay for the overpriced Japanese Imports, and if this new disc sells well, other reissues may follow.
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