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For Fans of our beleaguered heroine....

Poor Scully

Poor Scully!!

The things our heroine must put up with! Her primary problem, of course, being Mulder!!

He's such a pain in the...... alien...

Ah, but where would Scully be without her angst? It gives her such depth, such purpose...


...and such wonderfully pursed lips!

However, our Scully has also had to put up with more than her fair share of indignities

  Such as

Abduction by aliens, perverts, and a varied array of weird-0's

Resulting in the death of her father, sister, daughter...why even poor Scully's dog "Queequag" is eaten by one of Mulder's "monsters". All that, plus cancer, "that thing in her neck", and yes--her stolen ovum!!

As you can see,our Scully is frequently an unhappy...and unwilling camper...

Understandably making poor Scully kind of lose it now and then..

For some wav files of Scully's finer/less sane moments, go to: "Cranky Scully"!

To download my unique Scully screensavers, go to:"Gals Who Kick Ass"!

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