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My Star Wars Page

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This is my Star Wars page and it is somewhat boring right now but who's page isn't. I am looking foward to the prequels, the first one is called "Star Wars: Episode One, The Phantom Menace." I saw the preview for it the other day and I taped it. So..I get to see it anytime I want. If you want to see the preview anytime, get those VCR's ready. If you have no clue what I'm talking about click here
. It's a link to the Official Star Wars homepage. You could check it out there. It's opening on Memorial Day 1999, and like any other devoted fan I will sleep in line to get the tickets to the first show. I would go try to go to the opening of it in Hollywood but I can't get a flight there. I would have to skip school. I'm not quite sure what the other ones would be called.

If you saw the preveiw then you saw that double lightsabre. It's SOOO! cool!! Anyway, check out this page.

Mos Eisly

Enjoy my page and look at some of my images. If you don't like this page click here

Tie Fighters on patrol

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