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Radically Saved Christian Youth!!!!

Glad you came!!!!

I have gathered here some of my friends

Let me tell you about them.....

Robert's Christian Bass Page

Robert is learning to play Bass Guitar. He is doing a great job at playing the Guitar. He plays with the Praise Team for the morning worship at First United Methodist Church in Chiefland, FL.

So check out his totally cool page for some bass action!

Derek Morses STOKED Home Page

Derek is one Stoked dude! He runs, he jumps, he scores, then runs some more!

If your Stoked, then check out this Stoked Page!

DA's Page

Welcome to DA's world. I have quietly nicknamed her Sleeping Beauty

She is an organized and positive force in our church.
God has arranged for Robert (listed above) to be her brother.
She hasn't figured out why yet. But she knows there is a reason why???? somewhere out there.

Come into her world and see things in a different light!

Freeze's Ice Box

You have now entered a different temperature zone.

For a reliable and all around good dependable friend, you have come to the right place!
No time for hanky panky, with this chick, there is no cranky babies!

No cold shoulders here! This is one HOT item!!


If you want to visit a different world, then check out this Torrid girl. She spins her own direction and shows her friends a new view of life.

For a real spice of life, this is the page for you!

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