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Shrine To R.E.M.

I can still R.E.M.ember that R.E.M.arkable day in 1991 when R.E.M. won 6 MTV Video Music Awards for "Losing My Religion" including Best Video Of The Year. I always R.E.M.inisce about that day when they were called up for their R.E.M.unerative. None of the R.E.M.edial bands could match their splendor. They tried several R.E.M.edies of this situation. Some tried making snide R.E.M.arks about R.E.M., but they still were very popular. Some asked for a R.E.M.atch of the awards, but they R.E.M.ained the victors. One of them even tried making a R.E.M.ix of the song, but people still liked their version. There was nothing they could do but sit and wait for R.E.M. to write a bad song, but that's not even R.E.M.otely possible!

Memorial to Jonathon Young

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Click here to hear Peter Buck speak about the destruction of forests.


Chronic Town


Wolves, Lower/Gardening At Night/Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)/1,000,000/Stumble



Radio Free Europe/Pilgrimage/Laughing/Talk About The Passion/Moral Kiosk/Perfect Circle/Catapult/Sitting Still/9-9/Shaking Through/We Walk/West Of The Fields



Harborcoat/7 Chinese Brothers/So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)/Pretty Persuasion/ Time After Time (Annelise)/Second Guessing/Letter Never Sent/Camera/Rockville/ Little America

Fables Of The Reconstruction


Feeling Gravitys/Maps And Legends/Driver 8/Life And How To Live It/Old Man Kensey/ Can't Get There From Here/Green Grow The Rushes/Kohoutek/Auctioneer/Good Advices/Wendell Gee

Lifes Rich Pageant


Begin the Begin/Hyena/Just A Touch/I Believe/These Days/The Flowers Of Guatemala/Cuyahoga/What If We Give It Away/Fall On Me/Swan Swan/Swan Swan H/ Superman

Dead Letter Office


Crazy/There She Goes Again/Burning Down/Voice Of Harold/Burning Hell/White Tornado/Toys In The Attic/Windout/Ages Of You/Pale Blue Eyes/Rotary Ten/ Bandwagon/Femme Fatale/Walters Theme/King Of The Road/Wolves, Lower/Gardening At Night/Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)/1,000,000/Stumble



Finest Worksong/Welcome To The Occupation/Exhuming McCarthy/Disturbance At The Heron House/Strange/It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)/ The One I Love/Fireplace/Lightin' Hopkins/King Of Birds/Oddfellows Local 151



Radio Free Europe/Gardening At Night/Talk About The Passion/So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)/Rockville/Can't Get There From Here/Driver 8/Romance/Fall On Me/The One I Love/Finest Worksong/It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)



Pop Song 89/Get Up/You Are The Everything/Stand/World Leader Pretend/The Wrong Child/Orange Crush/Turn You Inside Out/Hairshirt/I Remember California

Out Of Time


Radio Song/Losing My Religion/Low/Near Wild Heaven/Endgame/Shiny Happy People/ Belong/Half A World Away/Texarkana/Country Feedback/Me In Honey

Automatic For The People


Drive/Try Not To Breathe/The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite/Everybody Hurts/New Orleans Instrumental No. 1/Sweetness Follows/Monty Got A Raw Deal/Ignoreland/ Star Me Kitten/Man On The Moon/Nightswimming/Find The River



What's The Frequency Kenneth?/Crush With Eyeliner/King Of Comedy/I Don't Sleep, I Dream/Star 69/Strange Currencies/Tongue/Bang And Blame/I Took Your Name/Let Me In/Circus Envy/You

New Adventures In Hi-Fi


How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us/The Wake-Up Bomb/New Test Leper/ Undertow/E-Bow The Letter/Leave/Departure/Bittersweet Me/Be Mine/Binky The Doormat/Zither/So Fast, So Numb/Low Desert/Electrolite

R.E.M. In The Attic


Finest Worksong/Driver 8/Gardening At Night/Swan Swan H/Disturbance At The Heron House/Maps And Legends/Tired Of Singing Trouble/Just A Touch/Toys In The Attic/ Dream (All I Have To Do)/The One I Love/Crazy/Can't Get There From Here/Last Date/Time After Time etc.



Airportman/Lotus/Suspicion/Hope/At My Most Beautiful/The Apologist/Sad Professor/You're In The Air/Walk Unafraid/Why Not Smile/Daysleeper/Diminished/ Parakeet/Falls To Climb

Latest News

Sorry About The Delay!

Hi guys. Sorry that it's been so long since I last entered the news. Unfortunately, Angelfire wasn't working so I couldn't access the site to make edits. Hope you forgive me. That, of course, means I've got a lot of catching up to do.

Man on the Moon Soundtrack

On November 23, R.E.M. will release the soundtrack to the motion picture, "Man on the Moon," retelling the story of the life of comedian Andy Kaufman. The tracks are as follows:
Mighty Mouse Theme
The Great Beyond
Kiss You All Over
Angela (Taxi Theme)
Tony Thrown Out
Man on the Moon (Original)
This Friendly World
Lynn & Andy
Andy Gets Fired
I Will Survive
Milk & Cookies
Man on the Moon (orchestral)
One Last Song For You
The movie is scheduled to be released on December 25, and is rated R. The single "The Great Beyond" can be heard at The quality is pretty lousy, though.


RAPID EYE MOVEMENT: R.E.M. ON TELEVISION is a new exhibit at the Museum of Television and Radio in both New York and Los Angeles, and will run from October 8th to November 28th. Part of the tribute will be two recent documentaries shown in their entirety, THIS WAY UP and UPTAKE. According to the museum, "The museum has compiled a ninety-minute screening package spanning the band's career. Highlights from this package will include clips from the following: music videos including MAN ON THE MOON, LOSING MY RELIGION, and EVERYBODY HURTS; documentaries including VH1 BEHIND THE MUSIC and ROUGH CUT; and performances on MTV UNPLUGGED, VH1 STORYTELLERS, and LIVE WIRE." There will also be a radio tribute in the Ralph Guild Radio Listening Rooms. You may call the museum in New York at (212) 621-6800, or in L.A. at (310) 786-1000 or visit their web site at

Saturday Night Live Releases Vol. 2 of Best Musical Performances

Saturday Night Live has released SNL25, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: THE MUSICAL PERFORMANCES/VOLUME 2, and one of it's tracks is R.E.M.'s performance of Losing My Religion from April 13th, 1991. There are 15 other tracks, by such artists as Nirvana, Green Day, Beastie Boys, and Hole.

The R.E.M. Survey

If you'd like to fill out a survey about R.E.M., or just see the current results, go to
The R.E.M. Survey.

Where can I buy R.E.M. music?

For the best selection of R.E.M. music, go to They have every album ever released by the band, every single, every video, some other products, and even a way to listen before you buy. And they have the lowest prices I've ever seen!

The R.E.M. Fan Club

The R.E.M. Official Fan Club, managed by R.E.M. office members, is not yet online, but you can join it by sending $10 in the U.S., $12 elsewhere, to:
R.E.M. Fan Club
P.O. Box 8032
Athens, GA 30603
The Fan Club gives you a newsletter and yearly Christmas package with records not sold in stores.

The Complete R.E.M. Lyrics Archive

If you need to know the lyrics to any R.E.M. song, go to the
Complete R.E.M. Lyrics Archive. They have the lyrics to any R.E.M. song you can think of.

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