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A new state trooper is working his first day on his own when he gets a call about a bad accident on a remote stretch of highway. When he arrives at the scene he sees it was a horrible head on crash, with body parts scattered all over and no chance of survivors. Flustered, he tries to remember from his training what to do. He remembers he is first supposed to take notes on where things came to rest. Grimacing, he sees a leg and notes L-e-g  i-n  d-i-t-c-h. Next he sees an arm nearby and writes A-r-m  i-n-  d-i-t-c-h. Then he comes to a head on the road, noting H-e-a-d  o-n  b-o-u-l-u-v-a, b-o-o-l-e-v, Looking around to make sure no one is watching he gives a quick sideways kick and writes H-e-a-d i-n d-i-t-c-h.

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