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Lavapit - The Official Page

Welcome to the LavaPit official web page. I have decided to dedicate a page to the coolest level I have ever made for Quake. Here you can find background information on the level and see official screenshots taken by the editor - Guy Taylor.


You can see more screenshots here.

The Idea

The main idea of this level was a pit of lava with stepping stones across and a bridge higher up. That is why i decided to call the map Lavapit, it started off as a simple pit of lava but now I have added rooms and passageways. The map was designed for multiplayer and there is nothing so good as slashing each other with axes on the bridge. One wrong step and your suddenly knee deep in lava.

Release Date

Lavapit is now 100% completed and can be downloaded here. This is the very first version of the map so please report any bugs or any bits that can be improved.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Lithium Software for making Qoole, $h@mbler (I can never thank you for how much you have done for me) for testing and reporting problems and Everyone Else that helped me with Lavapit.