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Hello everybody, Guy here. I have recently been playing about with quake pak files and have made my own quake PakFile. It isn't much all I've done is changed some sounds. So what sounds have I changed? I've swapped the regular sounds in quake for Army of Darkness sounds. Also I've changed the shotgun sounds for more satisfying ones. I will change the enemy skins when I finish drawing them and get a better mdl editor. The mod is still a beta but you can download it.

Download it here!

Instructions for setup. Make a new directory called something appropriate like "evil" and unzip the files to this directory. It is not wise to overwrite your existing Pak0.pak file because you will shit up quake completely. To run the Army of Darkness thingy type at your Quake prompt "Quake -game "evil"" Where evil is the directory you put the files. Thats all there is to it. Enjoy.