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Steve's Cheat Page

These codes need to be typed in the console (press ~ to go to the console.)

GOD - Gives you unlimited health.
IMPULSE 9 - Gives you all the weapons.
IMPULSE 255 - Gives you quad damage.
IMPULSE 11 - Gives you a rune.
MAP#E?M# - Takes you to the map you want. Replace # with a value of 1-8 and ? with a value of 1-4.
NOCLIP - Lets you walk through walls.
FLY - Lets you fly with the D and C keys to move up or down.
NOTARGET - Makes the enemies ignore you unless you shoot them.
REGISTERED 1 - Makes the shareware version think it's the full version.
R_FULLBRIGHT 1 - Turns on the lights.
R_DRAWVIEWMODEL 0 - Makes you invisible.
GIVE # - Gives you the number of the weapon.
GIVE S # - Gives you # shells.
GIVE N # - Gives you # nails.
GIVE C # - Gives you # cells.
GIVE H # - Gives you # health.