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ELMO Welcomes You and so do I :)

Hello there Elmo and I welcome you to this page. Elmo is my favorite Sesame Street character so I decided to make a page all about him!


Name: Elmo Monster
Age: 3 1/2 years old
Birthday: February 3
Pet: Giggles the Goldfish
Hobbies: Playing the violin, Tap Dancing
Fave Phrase:
Tidbits: Elmo always wants to know what's going on. He never uses pronouns. He refers to himself by his name. For example"Elmo wants to play."
Best Friend: Zoe Monster

Top 10 Reasons Elmo is a better Man

  • 10 That adorable laugh.
  • 9 It's imposible to get in a fight with him b/c he's just so adorable.
  • 8 He isn't afraid to tell you how he feels.
  • 7 He's so happy to be a part of thing he would never stand you up!
  • 6 Always wants to know what's going on with you.
  • 5 You can put him away when you get tired of him.
  • 4 He listens to your every word.
  • 3 He doesn't talk back to you.
  • 2 He isnt afraid to say he loves you.

    Pictures and Animation of Elmo

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    Get your own Elmo graphics!

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