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You are Now Entering Pine Valley, PA

Hello and Welcome to my All My Children Page. All My Children is my favorite soap. I've been watching it for 16 years now and yes I am only 23. I would watch it with mom every day when I was a youngin'. Sit back relax and enjoy Pine Valley. You never know what is in store here!!

Background Info

All My Children was born January 5, 1970 and Agnes Nixon gave birth to it. The title came from a quote that Agnes came across " The great and the least, the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor. In sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, In tragedy and triumph; You are ALL MY CHILDREN." Until April of 1977 AMC was 30 minutes long. It was ranked 17th out of 19 soaps its first year. I'd say it has come a long way. It is set in Pine Valley, PA, which is named after Nixon's home city Pine Cottage in Penn Valley outside Philadelphia.

"La Lucci"

Susan Lucci is one of the original cast members on AMC. She is truly the Diva of Daytime. She has been nominated for an Emmy 18 times. Well, 19 must be a charm because she won FINALLY as Outstanding Lead Actress. Susan is better known as Erica Kane,Martin, Brent,Cudahy,Roy,Roy,Chandler,Montgomery,Montgomery, Chandler,Marick,Marick. Quite the tongue twister! Erica keeps us on our toes wondering what she'll do next. Here are some pics of the MEN in her life in order of her marriages.

The Cast of AMC

Julia Barr as

Brooke English

Jennifer Bassey as

Marion Colby Chandler

Rebecca Budig as

Greenlee Smythe

Josh Duhamel as

Leo Du Pres

J. Eddie Peck as

Jake Martin (new)

John Callahan as

Edmund Grey

David Canary as

Adam Chandler

Stuart Chandler

Mark Consuelos as

Mateo Santos

Kelly Ripa as

Hayley Vaughan Santos

Marj Dusay as Vanesa Bennett

Eileen Herlie as

Myrtle Fargate

James Kiberd, Alexis Manta, Robin Mattson as

Trevor, Amanda, and Janet Dillon

Michael E. Knight as

Tad "The Cad" Martin

Cady McClain as

Dixie Cooney Martin

Jill Larson as

Opal Courtlandt

James Mitchell as

Palmer Courtlandt

Michael Lowry as

Jake Martin (old)

Ray MacDonnell as

Dr. Joe Martin

Amelia Marshall as

Belinda Keefer

Matthew St.Patrick as

Adrian Sword

Susan Lucci as

as Erica Kane

Eden Riegel as

Bianca Montgomery

Vincent Irrizary as

David Hayward

Cameron Mathison as
Ryan Lavery

Esta Terblanche as

Gillian Adrassy Lavery

Michael Nader as Dimitry Marick

Marcy Walker as

Liza Colby Chandler

Ruth Warrick

Phoebe Wallingford

Walt Willey as Jackson Montgomery

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