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5 Fat Turkeys Are We

5 Fat turkeys are we,We slept all night in a tree,
When the cook come around
We couldn't be found

That's why we're here you see...

Ha, Ha, Turkey in the Straw Flannelboard
(sung to "Skip to My Lou")

Turkey in the brown straw, ha, ha, ha,
Turkey in the brown straw, ha, ha, ha,
Turkey in the brown straw, ha, ha, ha.
Turkey in the straw, my darling.

Turkey in the white snow, ho, ho, ho,
Turkey in the white snow, ho, ho, ho,
Turkey in the white snow, ho, ho, ho.
Turkey in the snow, my darling.

Turkey in the blue sky, hi, hi, hi,
Turkey in the blue sky, hi, hi, hi,
Turkey in the blue sky, hi, hi, hi.
Turkey in the sky, my darling.

Turkey in the red barn, harn, harn, harn,
Turkey in the red barn, harn, harn, harn,
Turkey in the red barn, harn, harn, harn.
Turkey in the barn, my darling.

Turkey in the yellow corn, horn, horn, horn,
Turkey in the yellow corn, horn, horn, horn,
Turkey in the yellow corn, horn, horn, horn.
Turkey in the corn, my darling.

Turkey in the green tree, hee, hee, hee,
Turkey in the green tree, hee, hee, hee,
Turkey in the green tree, hee, hee, hee.
Turkey in the tree, my darling.

(Cut a turkey shape out of brown felt. Cut out of coloured felt a pile of brown straw, a pile of white snow, a blue sky background, a red barn, a yellow bag of corn, and a green tree for the turkey to sit in. Place all the shapes, except for the turkey, on the flannel board. Then sing the song with the chlidren and let them take turns placing the turkey
on the appropriate shapes.)

Mr. Turkey Flannelboard-

Mr. Turkey was so sad.
He lost the feathers he once had.
Now he wants us to help him find
all the feathers of his kind.

We will look both high and low,
we will find them, don't you know.
Here's a red one and a blue.
Look, we've found a green one too.

Here's an orange one and a yellow
soon he'll be a feathered fellow.
Now we've found the purple one,
Black and white-we're almost done.

If we just look up and down,
I know we'll find the feather brown.
Now Mr. Turkey is so glad,
We found the feathers he once had.

(Make large turkey from brown felt, and feathers from coordinating colors; give each child a feather. Place the turkey on the board and let each child place a feather on Mr. Turkey).

Turkey Strut-Make turkey tracks using brown vinyl tape, or masking tape colored brown, on the floor (in your circle area). Put on some Thanksgiving or Fast music and let the children strut from track to track, pretending to be turkeys. If you can find a copy of the Chicken Dance, teach the children how to do the dance Turkey style.




Over the River and Thru the Woods- Handmade adaptive book.

12 Days of Thanksgiving - Adaptive Big Book, teacher made color in book.

Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down-Adaptive Big Song Book, Handmade.



Turkey Toast-Use a large turkey shaped cookie cutter to cut out shape from wheat bread. Spread the whole shape with peanut butter, Use a raisin for and eye, a piece of red licorice string for the waddle, and fruit loops (or trix) for the tail feathers.

Corn Chips-You need: 1/2 cup yellow cornmeal, 1/2 tsp. salt, 3/4 cup boiling water, 1 cup boiling water, 1 tsp. margarine. Mix cornmeal and salt in a bowl. Then pour in 1 cup of boiling water and stir. Add in the margarine and stir until melted. Mix in the remaining 3/4 cup boiling water and continue stirring. Drop spoonfuls of mixture (about the size of a half-dollar) on a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 450 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes or until golden brown.


Art Activities

Hand and Feet Turkeys- Need: Brown, tan, orange, red, and yellow construction paper, wiggle eyes, glue, scissors, pencil. First, let each child place his feet on brown construction paper; trace his/her feet, and cut out. Then hand over hand assist the child in tracing his/her hands onto colored paper (your choice of color or child's choice). Then cut out and glue the two feet pieces together where the heel meets. Let the child glue the remaining hands onto the turkey body. Cut thin orange paper strips for the feet and glue onto the body. Glue on wiggle eyes, nose, and waddle. The children absolutely Love this project. (This idea came from a Parent magazine).

Leaf Tail Turkey- Need: blackline master of turkey profile, leaves gathered from outside, glue, brown paint/crayon. Run a blackline master of a turkey profile onto tagboard or manilla construction paper. Let each child paint or color his/her turkey brown. Then let each child cover the feathers/tail of the turkey with leaves that he/she picked. Dry and then add detail with markers, wiggle eyes, etc;

Handy Dandy Turkey- Need: copies of turkey poem (listed below), brown paint, colored feathers (or colored macaroni, or colored paint), tagboard. Let each child dip his/her hand in paint or use paintbrush to paint his/her hand brown. Press onto tagboard. Then decorate the fingers, which would be the turkey's feathers with desired medium such as feathers or noodles. OR you can paint the child's thumb and palm with brown paint and press onto paper. Then paint each finger a different color, chosen by the child, and press onto paper.

This isn't just a turkey.
As anyone can see.
I made it with my hand,
Which is a part of me.
It comes with lots of love,
Especially to say,
I hope you have a very,
Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Fingerprint Turkey-Need: Brown, yellow, green, red, black, orange, blue paint, construction paper, copy of poem(listed below). Let each child dip his/her finger into the brown paint and with hand over hand assistance, help him/her to create a turkey body. Then add feathers on turkey dipping fingers into colored paint. Use q-tip to dot on the waddle and eyes. Use pinky finger dipped in orange to make the legs. Underneath add this poem:


Turkey birds are different,

From sea to shining sea.

And you'll never see another bird

Like this one to you from me.

Can you see what makes him different?

Do you need some helpful hints?

I made him from my very own

Thumb and fingerprints!


Fine Motor

Popcorn Necklace - Need: Popcorn(Try to find colored popcorn, or die your corn with food coloring; let it soak overnight),thread ,large lacing needle. Pop the popcorn according to the instructions on the package. String a needle with thread, and knot the ends of the thread together. Make sure the thread is long enough to make a necklace when doubled in half. Stick the needle thru a piece of popcorn until the knot is pulled up close to the popcorn. Continue to string popcorn onto the needle, until you fill up the thread, leaving about a handful at the end of the thread. Cut the needle off, then tie the thread in a knot at the end of the popcorn. Tie the ends together to make a necklace. There you have a colorful harvest corn necklace!!

Thanksgiving Setting- Give each child a large piece of paper for a placemat and let them decorate the outside border. Provide magazine pictures, or large communication pictures of typical Thanksgiving food (turkey, ham, corn, pie, etc;). Let each child choose food to glue onto his/her placemat. Laminate.


Growing corn -Need: Popcorn kernels, a ziploc bag, Dirt, and water. Place some dirt in a ziploc bag, sprinkle enough water to saturate the top part of the soil, and drop in some popcorn kernels. Seal the bag and place it in a sunny window. Look for sprouts to appear within 7-10 days.

Growing Sweet Potatoes - Help children stick toothpicks around the middle of a sweet potato. Fill a glass two-thirds full with water and place the potato in a glass. Have the children check the water level daily and add more water as needed to keep the bottom of the potato covered. In about two weeks roots will appear. Help the children observe the growth each day. Bring in sweet potatoes, one raw, one cooked, and let the chilren compare the three. Explain to the children that sweet potatoes is a food many people eat at Thanksgiving.

Sensory Table Stew-Place items such as: meats, vegetables, forks, ladles, bowls, salt/pepper shaker, etc; and let the children create a Thanksgiving stew.


Counting Corns-Make turkey cards and on each turkey, place a number on his stomach. Around the turkey, place construction paper candy corns to coordinate with the number. Provide real candy corn as manipulatives for the children to count and place on the turkey.

Matching Turkey feathers-Make a circle and attach a turkey head to the circle. On the brown circle, place colored pictures/dots. Then place coordinating colored dots onto clothespins. Have the children match the colored dot to the colored picture. This gives the turkey clothespin feathers.