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Shamrock and Rainbow Mini Unit



Hooray for the Rainbow by Paula Metzger off of her Snowflakes to Rainbows album

I made "rainbows" for the children to do a movement dance with this song. They love it!! I took a pipe cleaner and bent it in a circular shape and tied it off. Then I attached colorful streamers to the hoop. The children then used them to dance like rainbows!

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring by Paula Metzger off of her Snowflakes to Rainbows album

I bought green leprechaun whistles and made rainbow stick puppets to use with this song. The children waved the rainbows around and then used their green whistles for the chorus. I use this with my morning group to focus on blowing closure of the lips and producing spontaneous sound.

Colors by Hap Palmer

Using colored beanbags, let the children follow along with this song. I use this with my older group, who can follow verbal directions and identify colors.

Storytelling-I wanted to make a Build a Rainbow, but couldn't get around to doing it! I had so much other stuff to do!!! So I am using a premade rainbow puzzle that I have. With the build a rainbow, you take each colored segment of the rainbow and discuss it with the children, while showing them the sign for that color.

Snacks-We had Lucky Charms of cours, Green shamrock jello and green koolaid, and Rainbow Cupcakes

Center Activities-Matching different sized shamrocks, patterned matching shamrocks, rainbow puzzle, and picking up green pom poms with tongs.

Art Activities-

Painting A Shamrock green, and think sprinkling green glitter on.

Painting a Rainbow-Have the children paint a rainbow with q-tips.

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