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Recipes for the Sweet Tooth

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Valentine Cookies-Let the children make cookies using a variety of love themed cookie cutters; or make cookies and then "stencil" the cookies. Make a stencil by using a clean piece of posterboard and cut out a love themed shape. Place stencil over cookie and shake on sprinkles. Then lift for a perfect stenciled cookie!

Friendship pudding-I use this idea for my love theme and for Black History month. Make up a packet of vanilla and chocolate pudding. Show the children the two colors seperately, then let them taste the puddings. Talk about the different tastes and how they both taste good. Then let the children mix the puddings, and see how they taste then. Let the children know that even though they are different they are together a delicious pudding!

Heart shaped cupcakes- I make heart shaped cupcakes and jello with my heart shaped muffin pans. But if you don't have heart shaped pans, here is a trick!! Make your strawberry cupcake mix and pour it into cupcake liners and place in pan. Then place a marble in between the liner and pan. Perfect Hearts!! Then have the children ice up their hearts!!

Love letters-Buy a box of plain unfrosted pop-tarts, then let the children ice the pop-tarts with vanilla icing. Then take a large conversation heart and place it in the top corner for a stamp. Let the children use cooking sticks or tubes of fine icing to write messages!!

Valentine kisses-Make up rice krispie treats as usual. Then while the mixture is still warm, let the children press a small part of the mixture into a small funnel. (Spray the funnel first with butter spray). Then take out your treats and you should have a perfect kiss! When the kiss is completely cool, wrap with aluminum foil and tuck in a message. We will tuck in a message like :Love your preschool friends. These are great to give to people in the school or your buddy class.

Valentine Bears-We read the Valentine Bears by Eve Bunting and then make these teddy bear pancakes. Need: Pancake batter, metal teddy bear shaped cookie cutter, hot plate, small knife, sugar, cinnamon, and strawberry jam. Mix up the pancake batter as you usually would, then place the cookie cutter on the pan and fill up with batter. Let it cook until the batter is firm enough to remove the cutter. Then flip and cook until done. Sprinkle lightly with sugar and cinnamon. Then with a small paring knife, cut a small heart from each bear cake. Then spoon in strawberry jam into the heart. Enjoy!!

(This idea was taken from Sesame Street Parents, a truly wonderful publication!!).

Mini Heart Pizzas-Need: Refrigerated biscuits, pizza sauce, mozarella cheese, pepperonis, and heart cutter. Flatten out bisuits, cut out a heart, then make as a pizza!!

Lovebugs-(This idea submitted by Bethany Sands) You make heart-shaped red jello jigglers. Turn them upside down. Cut a kiwi slice in half for wings. Add rope licorice for antennae and candy hearts for eyes. Mmmm..Now these are some bugs that I think we all wouldn't mind eating!!