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Sweet Bulletin Boards

Love is Spoken In Every Langauge-Use the art project from the Art's page (Love Sign on Heart). I use a candy conversation heart border with mine, and then post the children's art work.

Honey I love-Place a picture of the little girl( I hand draw mine on posterboard) from Lois Greenfield's book, a picture of the book and of Lois Greenfield, on one side. Label the bulletin board, "Honey We Love You..." and then post the children's art work throughout the month. This bulletin board is outside my door, in the hallway.

Shel Silverstein-I have just started an Author of the Month bulletin board. I place pictures of the author, drawings/illustrations of the authors, and then actual books below. I place this bulletin board in my room.

Giving Tree-Place a Giving tree in one corner of the bulletin board and then place pictures of people showing love to others, or children's work.

Cupid Heart Door-I cover my door in white and place heart cut-outs on it; and then make a cupid and place at the top; I label the heart, "Enter With Love".

Heart Man- I make my heartman just like I made my Snowman in the Snow Unit and make different colored hats and hearts for the children to change on him daily.

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