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Art Activities

All hearts cutie-Precut a large heart, two medium hearts, two small hearts, and 4 12" strips from red, white, and pink hearts. Glue on wiggly eyes to the large heart and add a mouth and nose. Accordion fold the strips. On two strips, glue the small hearts; on the other two, glue the medium strips. The small strips are his arms; the medium are his legs. Glue on the accordion strips. Then add a flap in the middle of the strip and underneath write a special Valentine's message.

Candy hearts frame- Need: conversation hearts, lacquer, cardboard frame (I handmake these from recycled cardboard), picture of child. Let children glue on the conversation hearts around the frame. Then you lacquer them and let dry. Then slip picture of child into frame. Child can them make a special Valentine's card and attach to the frame.

"Sign of Love" candy holder-These are great to make and give to people in the school. Need: red, white, and pink tissue paper, clear cups, red construction paper, and glue. First, cut the tissue paper into little squares. Then let the children, glue onto the cup, in any fashion they please. Trace the child's hand onto red construction paper, cut out, and then bend the two middle fingers down to form the Love sign in Sign Language. Glue the Love sign onto the front of the cup. Add pink or white tissue paper in the cup and fill with candy and a Valentine message.

Love Sign Hearts-Show the children how to fold a pink piece of paper in half, and cut a heart out. If this is not possible, precut. Then trace a hand onto red or white paper, and cut out. Bend the two middle fingers down to make the Love sign in Sign language. Glue onto the heart. This makes a cute bulletin board.

Hands and Hearts-Since February is also Black History Month, this project is great! I trace the children's hands onto different hues of flesh-colored paper and then cut out. We glue precut hearts and the hands onto a paper plate ring; alternating the heart and hand.

Heart in Hand-Need: Precut cuffs, lace/trims, buttons, pre-cut hearts and flesh colored construction paper. Trace the child's hand with fingers close together and cut out. Paste the heart onto the hand, and then glue on cuff to bottom of hand. Embellish the cuff with trims and buttons.

Heart animals-Precut various colored and sized hearts for this activity. I sketch these animals out on a piece of paper and let the student decide which creature he/she would like to make. We then make that creature by gluing hearts to resemble the creature he/she picked.

My Very Best Heart-Read My Very Best Valentine In the World by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat and then let the children make their own Very Best Valentine. Place various valentine themed collage items out (various sized and colored hearts, lace, buttons, ribbons, trims, etc;) and let the children create a collage onto a large heart shaped doily that is glued onto a piece of red paper.

Friendship Paintings-(Idea submitted by Shelley) My group of children love to make friendship paintings. We put out different colours of paint and working together with fingers and or brushes, they create wonderful pieces of art I encourage them to make two pictures so that both children can take home a masterpiece. Wonderful idea, to show the real meaning of friends, to preschoolers.

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