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Roleplaying Games and Characters

I've been playing various roleplaying games for about seven or eight years now. I've mostly played AD&D, since that's the system my group uses and also constitutes most of the material that was available nearby. However, lately I've been branching out and trying other systems, and have tried my hand at creating my own RP rules for Romani society. On this page you'll find a collection of links to my own RP rules and characters, as well as links to other sites devoted to roleplaying.

Personal Links

Romani Roleplaying...guidelines I've created for Rom characters, plus links to my Romani characters

Alyxx Scarlet


§trawberry Field§

Harley Blue

Miri Lasciane


Cali Walsh

Lethe Mnemokleptos

Gretchen Halliday

Rev. J. Bakker Swaggart

Ernest "Papa" Hemingway

Carmela Martinez

Verhonica Harcourt

Anastasia Therese Scarlet

Cagney O'Donnell

Shannon Mulroney

Keely Clements

Dante Tobia

Callan Barkley

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