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Welcome to my unreleased Tupac site. Here you will find three slammin' tapes full of unreleased Tupac songs on 'em.

So take advantage now and purchase these slammin' tapes. The songs on the tapes may never be released or not released for a long time so buy now.

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The Cost of each Item

Songs on each tape

Tape #1-$12

Tape #2-$10

Tape #3-$10

TO ORDER:E-mail Second_Instinct and tell me what tapes you want to order and how you plan on ordering. I take cash or money order, or you can order C.O.D (cash on delivery). If you order C.O.D the mail-carrier(mailman) brings you the tape, you pay him, and he gives you the tape at the sametime, C.O.D is also the quickest way to order. But keep in mind when ordering C.O.D it cost $4.50 extra.

PLEASE NOTE:I will have a list of the songs on each tape up on this page in about a week. If you want a list of the songs before you order a tape just ask me and I will be happy to e-mail you one. If you would like to see a list of the songs on tape #1 goto my old site at ....Also add about 1400 to the counter on this site, that includes the amount of people who have been to my old site since April 15 before the counter got screwed up.

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