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More Comments from Coaches and Players!

"David Hannan will be a hit at your camp.  David's routine is high energy and he comliments the skill instruction with a fiery message and great delivery."

                                                                                                  -- Tim Floyd(while at Iowa State)

"Dave Hannan is my former point guard here at Delta State University. He does an excellent ball handling demonstration at summer camps. Not only is he very good at what he does, but he also is an excellent person and his talks to the campers are great."

                                                                                                 -- Steve Rives, Delta State University

"Dave's ball handling skills, basketball information, and overall presentation were a welcome addition to the Yellow Jacket Basketball Camp as well as to two of my off-campus invitational camps. In addition to his basketball attributes, Dave offers words that are inspiring and motivational as he stresses the importance of hard work and dedication in the campers' future success as basketball players. I'm certain he would be a welcome addition to your summer camps."

                                                                                                -- Kevin Cantwell, Georgia Tech
                                                                                                   Asst. Coach

"It was great having David at our camp. The demonstration and lecture were excellent, and we hope he returns to our camp next summer."

                                                                                              -- Don Burgess, Central Florida
                                                                                                 Asst. Coach

"Attending one of Dave Hannan's camps will help you greatly improve your ball handling skills regardless of your current ability level."

                                                                                              -- Bobby Cremins, Georgia Tech

"Dave, we all enjoyed the ball handling demonstration, but most of all we enjoyed the enthusiastic way in which you delivered your presentation. I want you to return next summer to all of our camps."

                                                                                              -- Ron Roach, Director
                                                                                                #1 Basketball Camps at Brenau Univ.(GA)

"Your ball handling camp was the best one that I've ever been to. I do all of the drills that I can remember. I already have 5 people coming to the camp again because I thought that it was so good."

                                                                                             -- Justin Fickbohm(camper), Algona,IA

"I saw you perform at a camp last week, and I must admit, you impressed me.   I'm glad I've found someone with a video that will really help me."

                                                                                             -- Kenny Goolsby,  Atlanta, GA

"My son plays point guard and was very impressed with your ball handling session at a recent camp. Is there any way he could receive private training from you?"

                                                                                             -- Tony Conticelli, Alpharetta, GA

"I can't tell you how many times we have talked about the demonstration you put on at basketball camp. It's definitely made a difference in how my boys look at and play basketball."

                                                                                            -- Kathy Peterson, Lawrenceville, GA

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Dave Hannan
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