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Technical Analysis
Study Guide for Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets : A Self-Training Manual; John J. Murphy; Paperback; $26.96

 Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets : A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications; John J. Murphy; Hardcover; $53.96
Compass Financial's comment: One of the classics! Should be in your library!

 Intermarket Technical Analysis : Trading Strategies for the Global Stock, Bond, Commodity and Currency Markets; John J. Murphy; Hardcover; $54.00

 The New Commodity Trading Systems and Methods; Perry J. Kaufman; Hardcover; $99.95
Compass Financial's comment: One of the classics!

 Forecasting Commodity Prices; Harry Jiler; Hardcover; $19.95 (Special Order)
Compass Financial's comment: Another classic!

 Steidlmayer on Markets : A New Approach to Trading; J. Peter Steidlmayer; Hardcover; $49.50
Discusses the Steidlmayer approach to volume/price relationships.

 Technical Traders Guide to Computer Analysis of the Futures Market; Charles Lebeau, David W. Lucas; Hardcover; $63.00
Compass Financial's comment: Lebeau and Lucas are known for their extensive research of computerized trading methods. The book presents the methods they found to work best..

 The Trading Systems Toolkit : How to Build, Test and Apply Money-Making Stock and Futures Trading Systems; Joe Krutsinger; Hardcover; $49.50

 Analytical Methods for Successful Speculation : The Complete Book of Trading Systems; James E. Schildgen; Paperback; $49.95 (Special Order)

 The Business One Irwin Guide to Trading Systems; Bruce Babcock; Hardcover; $70.00 (Special Order)

 Commodity Futures Trading With Moving Averages; Joseph R., Sr. Maxwell; Paperback; $19.95 (Special Order)
Compass Financial's comment: Moving Average systems are the traditional tool-of-choice for trend-following traders.

 Commodity Futures Trading With Point and Figure Charts; Joseph R., Sr. Maxwell; Paperback; $21.95 (Special Order)
Compass Financial's comment: While P&F charting lost popularity over the last 2 decades, it does offer insight into market movements not found in conventional charts.

 Commodity Trading Manual; Bruce G. Gould; Paperback; $75.00 (Special Order)

 Eight New Commodity Technical Trading Methods; J.D. Hamon; Hardcover; $75.00 (Special Order)

 Fortune-Building Commodity Spreads for the '90s; Thomas Kallard; Hardcover; $50.00 (Special Order)

 How to Fine-Tune Wheat Trading and Hedging by Using Grandmill's Price and Timing Tables; William Grandmill; Paperback; $34.95 (Special Order)

 How to Make Money in Commodities : The Successful Method for Today's Markets; Bruce G., Dr. Gould; Paperback; $10.95 (Special Order)

 Megaprofit Commodity Methods; Robert Barnes; Hardcover; $69.95 (Special Order)

 Modern Commodity Futures Trading; Gerald Gold; Hardcover; $39.95 (Special Order)

 Optimal Commodity Investing; Antonacci Gray; Paperback; $35.00 (Special Order)

 The Professional Commodity Trader; Stanley Kroll; Paperback; $19.95 (Special Order)

 Real-Time Futures Trading : How to Use Price, Volume and Volatility to Master the Markets; Al Gietzen; Hardcover; $45.00 (Special Order)

 Secrets of a Professional Futures Trader; Henry Classing; Hardcover; $75.00 (Special Order)

 Successful Commodity Futures Trading; T. Watling, J. Morley; Hardcover; $36.75 (Special Order)

 Trading Rule That Can Make You Rich : Precision Bid Commodity Trading; Edward D. Dobson; Hardcover; $29.95 (Special Order)
Compass Financial's comment: Limited in scope, but useful.

 Trident : A Trading Strategy; Charles L. Lindsay; Hardcover; $60.00 (Special Order)
Compass Financial's comment: The trading system that Larry Williams sold for $1,500. We have not heard any success stories from its users, but there may be some traders out there who are working with it successfully.

 How to Make Profits in Commodities; W. Gann; Hardcover; $49.00 (Special Order)
Compass Financial's comment: One of the legendary W. Gann's books. All of Gann's books offer useful information, but none reveal the secret to his extraordinary success.

 Truth of the Stock Tape : A Study of the Stock and Commodity Markets With Charts and Rules for Successful Trading and Investing; W. D. Gann; Hardcover; $49.00 (Special Order)

 The Commodity Trading Course; William D. Gann, William F. Eng; Hardcover; $95.00 (Special Order)

 W.D. Gann Method of Trading : A Simplified, Clear Approach; Gerald Marisch; Hardcover; $45.00

 Curtis Arnold's Pps Trading System : A Proven Method for Consistently Beating the Market/Book and Disk; Curtis M. Arnold; Hardcover; $42.75

 Design, Testing, and Optimization of Trading Systems (Wiley Trader's Advantage Series); Robert Pardo; Hardcover; $40.50

 Neural Network Time Series Forecasting of Financial Markets (Wiley Finance Editions); E. Michael Azoff; Hardcover; $53.55

 Neural Networks for Financial Forecasting (Wiley Trader's Advantage Series); Edward Gately, Ed Gately; Hardcover; $38.66

 Technical Analysis (Schwager on Futures/Jack D. Schwager); Jack D. Schwager; Hardcover; $58.50

 The Technical Analysis of Stocks, Options and Futures : Advanced Trading Systems and Techniques; William F. Eng; Hardcover; $54.00

 Trading in Choppy Markets : Breakthrough Techniques for Exploiting Nontrending Markets; Robert M. Barnes; Hardcover; $45.00

 Volume and Open Interest : Classic Trading Strategies for 24-Hour Markets; Kenneth H. Shaleen; Hardcover; $45.00

 Analyzing and Forecasting Futures Prices : A Guide for Hedgers, Speculators, and Traders (Wiley Finance Editions); Anthony F. Herbst; Hardcover; $59.50 (Special Order)

 Volume and Open Interest : Cutting Edge Trading Strategies in the Futures Markets; Kenneth H. Shaleen; Hardcover; $47.50 (Special Order)

 Analyzing Bar Charts for Profit : Technical Analysis As an Aid to Decision Making for the 1990s and Beyond; John Magee; Hardcover; $26.96

 Candlestick Charting Explained : Timeless Techniques for Trading Stocks and Futures; Gregory L. Morris; Paperback; $31.50
Compass Financial's comment: "Candlesticks" add another dimension to the conventional bar chart, and with it, a slight improvement in a trader's ability to recognize trading opportunities.

 Trading Applications of Japanese Candlestick Charting (A Wiley Finance Edition); Gary S. Wagner, Bradley L. Matheny; Hardcover; $53.55

 Beyond Candlesticks : More Japanese Charting Techniques Revealed (Wiley Finance Editions); Steve Nison; Hardcover; $58.50

 Cyclic Analysis in Futures Trading : Contemporary Methods and Procedures; Jacob Bernstein; Hardcover; $95.00 (Special Order)

 Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders (Wiley Trader's Advantage); Robert Fischer; Hardcover; $44.96
Compass Financial's comment: Every trader should pay attention to Fibonacci support and reistance levels!

 The New Science of Technical Analysis (Wiley Finance Editons); Thomas R. Demark; Hardcover; $53.96
Compass Financial's comment: We haven't read the book. Comments from readers are mixed.

 Capturing Full-Trend Profits in the Commodity Futures Markets : Maximizing Reward and Minimizing Risk With the Wellspring System; ColAlexander; Hardcover; $45.00