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Oct 15, 2003

Well I continued to do updates on my blog. Also added a lot of AVPH pictures to the "pictures" section.

Oct 14, 2003

Well Today the Matrix Reloaded came out. (shh! I bought it). I've actually updated the blog with some more definitions and also an entry to peer into the window of my life a bit. I can see how this can get addictive. I never liked to keep a written journal in real life. I don't like to manually write. I love to type though, so I guess that's what this is for. Well, that & the fact that others can read it publicly.

Perhaps when I get home I'll re-download the AVPH pictures from Josh's FTP and upload them here... I hope I have enough room...

Oct 13, 2003

Well I added a Blog to replace the NEWS section. So let's see how that works out. So far it hasn't been too bad trying to inform invisible non-existant readers of my life. Maybe I can make this a sort-of fun thing to do in my spare time. Who knows?

I also nuked the awards section. Who cares what an old site won? So I had good design. Big deal. I wish I could actually contact the guy that gave me that "Flaming Fish" award. Kevin was a really cool guy. But I don't even know how to contact him anymore. Oh well. Workin on the site.

Oct 7, 2003

Well, I doubt anyone even comes here anymore, (like anyone did in the first place) But I have decided to do something after-all with this occupied webspace. So I've for one removed that insane monster Kanon's contact from the page, he never helped do anything for this, and never will. I have also cleaned up a bit of the code on most of the initial pages, I doubt this will stay a wrestling related webpage anymore. Especially since I can no longer watch it, it seems to be hard to keep interest in it. Anyways, all of the pictures & such here are ancient, or missing :D Perhaps I'll do one of those Blogs that seem to be the rage right now. But I've never been the one to be into "the rage." Meh. Here goes nothing.

June 31, 1999

Wrestling the Music is Officially Dead. Deal With it.

June 30, 1999

I've completely re-done most everything. I now co-own WTM, me & my friend Kanon are going to be working on it from now own, he on the WWF half, & I on the WCW/nWo half, we chose to do the sides we prefer. The site's address will NOT change. You can look forward in the next few weeks to coming here for reliable updating. Recent news. Maybe even a newsboard! Hey anything can happen. If any of you out there are willing to help on this page, you know, make it the best it can be, please inform me, David. If we are going to get a newsboard, and a more popular, reliable site we need your help!