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MACkRoCk '04
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Tuesday, 13 January 2004

Is It True?

Yes it is true! I have updated the blog. Let's see, last I left you, christmas hadn't even came. So first let me tell you of how christmas went.

Christmas happened for me on christmas eve, which is severely against normal family tradition, but because Iw as working christmas day, and we were all together, we did it on the eve. I had a pretty decent haul, I got Pirates of the Carribean on dvd, then I got my dvd player, yay. Then I got some nice shirts & pants, like I had been needing. Then also got a nice comfy pillow, and some aftershave. The next day was christmas, and I had to work. So it did not FEEL like christmas. But the day afterwards I went to Shard's house, Then I ot my gifts from her & her family, Got 25 bucks from her sister's fiancee(Which went toward getting Space Ghost: Coast To Coast volume 1 on DVD), got two SNES games(The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare and Super Maio World) from Shard, and 4 NES games(including Kirby's Adventure, and Castlevania and a couple others). Got a nice sweater. Got a faceplate for my new cel phone that I had gotten back in Nov(it looks white with spiderwebs on the front). And also got this interesting game switcher thing for my GBA SP, where it slides onto the back of it & you plug three games into it, then you can change games at the flick of a switch instead of having to manually switch them. It also makes the GBA SP easier to hold for someone with large hands like I have. But anyways, I also got a Samurai Jack VHS(from Carrie Shard's sister), and a lint roller(from Kyrie, Carrie's Kid(why?)). Also got a very nice sweater from Shard's parents. Then I of course gave them all their presents. So it was a merry chrismas indeed. Josh from #penisaur also got me something which really suprised me. He got me an account to the forums on Something Awful which has a lot of neat stuff, like bit-torrent downloads, and such. really nifty.

Maybe I'll add more later today. but that's it for now.

Posted by ga/nWoandMB20 at 3:55 PM EST
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Sunday, 21 December 2003


Well more has come now. You happy? Well at work I keep doing more, and not getting paid any more for it. We have had so many techs quit, or get fired.. it's scary. Well I'm about to go to lunch, I'm kinda hungry actually.

Back from lunch now. Things are finally calming down around here. But things are still rough compared to what they should be. On the homefront, I picked up Super Metroid from a local used games dealer. I got it for only 19 bux. Ebay auctions for this commonly go at $40+ and more. So I made out like a bandit on that. This is the first time ever playing super metroid by the way. It's the only metroid I never played. So It's been quite enjoyable to play a bit of. I've finally gotten to the point where I was able to get back to my ship. So that's always fun. So I plan to go home and play lots of metroid tonight. One day I'd like to be able to beat the orignal metroid. but it's just SO difficult. I beat metroid II on gameboy, even without cheating. Beat Fusion on gba without cheating. Also am at the last boss on Prime, I just don't want the game to end.

I want to go home. It seems like the day has been rather long already, and I'd just like it to end. I want to go home & play super metroid, I want to go home & play gunbound, and then go to sleep. I want to enjoy adult swim, and the aqua teens. :(

Well I guess I have to tough it through work for another few hours.

More blogging tomorrow hopefully.

Posted by ga/nWoandMB20 at 5:48 PM EST
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Is it True?

Could it be?! YES! Arg has come back to his blog. Yes and I'm sure you expect me to regale you with tales of mystery and terror!!! But you'll be sorely dissapointed. Honestly I have had a lot of cool stuff happen. I got all of my christmas gifts wrapped except one which will be wrapped with someone else's gift. I got my new Hard Drive yesterday, installed it, and it is a beautiful beautiful thing. I also picked up a UV-treated, rounded IDE cable that I'm using to hook up my new DVD burner & link it with my old CD burner. Now I just need a windowed case, another of those same cables, and then a cable like that that is for a floppy drive. Also a few UV lights. But I keep thinking, if I keep spending money on this stuff I won't have the money I'll need for Macrock 04. So I'm going to cut my spending quite a bit. And anyways, the next thing I want for my PC, will be a mobo/CPU/RAM combo. I want to get it all at once so I can actually use it. because any of those without the other would be pointless. So I'll wait until after mackrock to do that.

Speaking of mackrock, still no one has called the Wrens, and no one probobly will. So we can look forward to NOT seeing the wrens at mackrock, and NOT spending time with the wrens, and NOT chillin out with the wrens. So It's all our own faults. I can't seem to remember to do it unless I'm at a place where I cannot do it. And Bave couldn't do it cuz someone stole the phone he was gonna use. Nik is afraid to talk to people she knows on the phone, much less someone she doesn't know too well. Josh won't do it for undisclosed reasons to us. So I guess we're screwed.

More to come in a bit.

Posted by ga/nWoandMB20 at 1:48 PM EST
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Thursday, 11 December 2003


Okay everyone, I'm going to tray a real quick one here, becausethe past 4 times I've tried to make a real entry here it has restarted my browser. So yes, I got a dvd burner, I should get it on th 15th, I tried to purchase a hard drive off ebay, but the person who sold the 120 GB Matxtor to me for 66 bux, still has not contacted me with info, and today is day 4. :( I have contacted him twice. But no response. Work has been rough, we've gotten several techs back that were on vacation, so that has improved situations a lot. I'm going to post this now, maybe if it doesn't restart my browser, I'll elaborate in another entry.

Posted by ga/nWoandMB20 at 7:36 PM EST
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Saturday, 6 December 2003

Yo Ho Ho

As if I didn't have enough games to play, I now have one more that the #penisaur gang will be playing. SP, (or the survival project for the laymen). And it seems to be a massively multiplayer real time game, only thing is you don't control an army, it's just one character, you can be on a team though.

Well zirc is allowing connections again, so I can once again use cgi irc. Which is quite nice.

Paul said somethign funny today, he said "$datetime = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");" and then he demanded everyone forget that he said it. So I am vowing to remember it. Or at least put it here so I can refer back to it ;) Mwahahha.

Well today Josh & I helped paul concoct a scheme to get to macrock next year, since he will be getting a real job soon, it was mandatory we find a way for him to get all of AVPH2.0 in there no matter what. So, I know that most employers will understand, if you tell them before they hire you that "I must be off for days X through Y. THe plans had been made way before this job came into the picture, and I cannot cancel." And most all employers will make arrangements for that. At least all employers that I have been with, and every employer that I have known anyone else(personally) to be with (even government ones).

Well I've just about decided I am going to buy a dvd burner. Yes I am insane. But I think I may have it worked out. It's a christmas present to myself ;) We'll see at midnight tonight. I may have me a dvd burner in the mail.

Well I am tired of trying to think of things to put into a blog entry today. haha, so I will just end this one for the day, and come back tomorrow and hopefully make a decent one.

Posted by ga/nWoandMB20 at 7:18 PM EST
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Friday, 5 December 2003

Holland, 1949

What song is in Arg's Head today?!

The only girl I?ve ever loved:: Was born with roses in her eyes,:: But then they buried her alive:: one evening 1945 with just her sister at her side:: And only weeks before the guns all came and rained on everyone,:: Now she?s a little boy in Spain playing pianos filled with flames:: On empty rings around the sun:: all sing to say my dream has come.:: But now we must pick up every piece:: Of the life we used to love:: Just to keep ourselves at least enough to carry on.:: And now we ride this circus wheel,:: With your dark brother wrapped in white,:: Says it was good to be alive,::But now he rides a comet?s flame and won?t be coming back again,::The Earth looks better from a star that?s right above from where you are,:: He didn?t mean to make you cry with sparks that ring and bullets fly:: On empty rings around your heart the world just screams and falls apart.:: But now we must pick up every piece:: Of the life we used to love Just to keep ourselves at least:: enough to carry on.:: And here?s where your mother sleeps, And here is the room where your brothers were born,:: Indentions in the sheets,:: Where their bodies once moved but don?t move any more.:: And it?s so sad to see the world agree that they?d rather see their faces fill with flies,:: All when I?d want to keep white roses in their eyes.

That song has haunted me in my sleep for the past 3 nights. I wake up singing it. It's quite disturbing. The particular line that keeps getting me is "And here?s where your mother sleeps, And here is the room where your brothers were born,:: Indentions in the sheets,:: Where their bodies once moved but don?t move any more." And that gets me particularly wierded out because of the thing about sheets, and me waking up in bed singing it. It doesn't help that I've left this cd in my car's cd player for those days either, but why just THAT song in my head?

Well over my days off i beat Viewtiful Joe through once in children's mode(easy). And now I regret that I didn't do it in Adult Mode(normal). Because then I would have at least unlocked some things. But oh well. I've also played a lot of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! But That game is insanely hard, I can't even get a gold trophy in the flower cup(medium course) on 100cc diff(medium diff). And I can't get a gold trophy on Mushroom Cup(easy course), 150cc diff(hard diff). It's really really hard. I've unlocked 4 new karts. But that's it. No new characters, no new levels, no new weapons.. nada. Just really difficult.

I have become a zelda addict, but yet I haven't played a zelda game in a week or so. Because stories like this get me all excited. Because I cannot wait for that to come out.. I know it's pitiful, me wanting to buy a disc that has 4 minigames on it. Honestly I'd like to own mario party 4 & 5 too.. but I don't have the money for them right now. I'm just fiending for zelda... I want another smash brothers game too. I am so glad I got a gamecube when I did back then. BEcause If they had Xboxes on the day I got my gamecube, I would've purchased an xbox in it's place. Fate works out funny doesn't it? I wouldn't mind having a ps2 as a secondary system, because I'd like to get all of those pretty rpgs the system gets. Especially the ones in the Xenosaga, and then could actoually do the legacy PS1 games too, since I never got one of those. But I don't have those kind of funds.

For some reason today I can't get to Apparently they're getting ddosed again. So I can't be IRC-ing at work now. Well at least today. So that's why you guys are getting an extended entry.

Earlier this week(monday & tuesday) each day I got up at 6:30 am to watch Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers Extended Edition. Because it's 3.75 hours long, that's the only way I could watch it before I had to go to work. And I feel like taking four hours out of my days off would've been a waste. So I enjoyed it prior to work, twice, in the early hours of the morn. It has several welcome improvements. But I still wish I could cut out a couple scenes myself, like with Aragorn remembering some time with Arwen, it just does not belong to me. I'd be quite happy just removing that entire scene. Most of the rest of the changes Mr. Jackson did to the story I can deal with. Also, in other news, New Line is barganing with Tolkien Estates, to get the movie rights to The Hobbit. Mr. Peter Jackson said he'd be glad to realzie it, but it would have to wait until King Kong was finished in 2006. But Personally I wouldn't want anyone else doing it. But I hope they can get Gandalf and Bilbo back. To most they wouldn't care who played Bilbo, but I would hope that they really could get the same character to play him, that would to wonders for continuity. As would it to have the Gollum character the same, and Gandalf, I could forgive Gloin, because he wasn't called by name, even in the extended editions, but that's who's sitting beside Gimli in the council of Elrond.

Well now I am helping train another high speed tech again. Maybe this one will not get fired, or quit. We have lost SO many techs here, it's hard to even operate. We are severely understaffed. On an average weekend I am one of two people in the entire high speed dept. It's sad, but true. So they work me and the other tech like animals. And then we get nothing for it, other than just our regular paychecks, more yelling at us, and less appreciation. We are supposed to get "merit raises" but I've yet to hear of anyone ever getting one of those here... ever. hmmm....

I bought a christmas present for Shard's sister, back way back when Pirates of the Carribiean was in the theatres, she demanded I get that for her for christmas, so I did... well the thing is, it backfired. Because as soon as I got it for her, she had already bought it. :( The worst part is she has gotten it for me as well, so I can't keep it. So now I have to return the unopened DVD, and get her something else. I hope Sam Goody has a good return policy.

I Still can't get that holland 1949 song out of my head, ans I started this entry today at noon. And it's been going on, in loop mode since.. and obviously trying to quench it by keeping it going hasn't helped. Or by playing it isn't helping. So I just need to play a different cd on the way home. Maybe The White Stripes? Yeah, That'll be fine. play White Blood Cells on the way home and get these songs out of my head. As much as I love NMH, I can't abide them being in my skull constantly.

I wonder if I'll ever play gunbound again.. I hope so, but whenever I want to play none of the gang is playing, and it's never as fun wihtout Josh, Paul, or Brian. I want to play gunbound when I get home... maybe, maybe someone will be availible to play. If not, I'm playing majora's mask. I love mario kart, but it gets frustrating. So difficult. But I'm glad it's difficult.

So far 31 calls, this will end my night at work. See you guys tommorrow.

Posted by ga/nWoandMB20 at 8:46 PM EST
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Tuesday, 2 December 2003

Is there a such thing as too many games?

When you work for a living. You consider the possibility that there is. It's a lot easier to BUY games when you have money, but it doesn't get any easier to find time to play them. Which is really a double-edged sword. You can get more but play less. That's like how I have gotten Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance. I want to play it and beat it, but I'm so afraid I'm going to miss something, like a special skill, or a character class, or some item or skill I need to steal, or some character I can unlock. And I need to play more Majora's Mask, as well as finish Viewtiful Joe, and unlock more stuff in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! which I just picked up lately. Also have more Gunbound to play, I need to at least finish my Pirate suit. I also need to play through Zelda: Ocarina of Time, because I only got halfway through, got to a difficult boss, died a few times , and picked up another game, completely forgetting about zelda :( Also, I never completed zelda: the wind waker, luigi's mansion, mario sunshine, metroid: prime, resident evil(one), or eternal darkness, I'm notorious about this. Metroid prime I did not finish because I am at the last boss & did not want the game to end. But I did not finish Zelda: The wind waker because the "finding the triforce" area is just SO tedious, go all over the world mindlessly digging in the water for the triforce. 9 pieces even. Eternal Darkness isn't as fun without a friend to tag team with ya, same with Mario Sunshine. Luigi's mansion I haven't finished because I didn't want it to end, it's real fun, but I'm RIGHT at the last boss. Residient evil is also a game you have to tag team with a friend. I haven't finished pikmin either, it's just a tad complicated. sad thing is I haven't even finished enter the matrix with both characters yet, and it's insanely simple. Well actually, as Ghost, it's a bit more complicated. But anyways. So that's MOST of my gamecube games right there. I also have never beaten ANY zelda game by the way, I own all but 4 of them, the two cd-i ones, the four swords one, and then the oracle of ages/seasons ones. Never owned those. But I've never finished a zelda game. But yet I've finished two of the 4 metroid games I own. I need to play several PC games, like No One Lives forever, and Heroes of Might And Magic 4, baldur's gate, icewind dale, and such that I OWN but have never really played more than an hour at the most(each).

I miss playing video games with friends. For I really have none currently. Jim never cares anymore, and Merry Beth gives up too easy. And won't even try a game if it looks remotely difficult. So it's just me..... by myself...

Posted by ga/nWoandMB20 at 8:41 PM EST
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Wednesday, 26 November 2003

Oh Brother

Well last night, at about 1am, Kanon and Redford come knocking at my window. SIDE NOTE: Kanon is a complete psycho that I had distanced myself from for over a year now, I had told him I never wanted to see him again. Redford is a really cool guy he acts like he's 20, but he's only 15. He's a goth, and now a drug dealer as well. He was really close to Philip, really decent guy really, but we all have our flaws don't we? Well Anyways. They came knocking on my window and wanted me to come out & talk with them. So I figured "What harm could it do?" and I did. So I Began to talk with them, Turns out they were drunk, they had been drinking cheap Tequilla and cheap Beer and Redford was totally smashed, Kanon was nearly smashed. We talked for a while. Redford told me about how he believed that Chris(philip's fiancee) was manipulating philip into thinking that all of his friends are somehow doing something to Chris sexually. Like she accused Kanon of groping her. And then when Kanon denied it, she said that he "TRIED TO ALMOST GROPE MY BREASTS" when just before she claimed that, she asked a drunken Kanon to massage her neck and shoulders. Now it's not that I doubt Kanon's ability of being a sexual predator, but even Kanon couldn't be attracted to Chris, it's not like she's attractive, she has a total of 4 teeth, and three are in her pockets. So Philip seperated himself from Kanon and will not even talk to him now. She also claimed that Bryan groped her breasts while she slept and molested her. She then told Philip and he seperated himself from Bryan and sent him back to South Carolina. No one has spoken to Bryan since. She has constantly been trying to plot something against me and Redford. If she can seperate Philip from all of his friends, she can have him completely to herself, and will control him even more so than she does now. The only thing keeping her from complete control is the tiny bit of footing we give him in reality. She is in her mid to late 30s, Philip is 19. Philip is going to be a video game programmer. She is a McDonalds manager(when she's not unemployed). I say she sees Philip as her last chance not to be lonely all of her life. So she's just doing anything it takes. Already she has proved that because at one point when Philip had left Tennessee after visiting her, she claimed she was pregnant to get him to come back. Then when she agreed to come back, she told him it was untrue. I have never had so little respect for any woman.

But then anyways, Kanon also talked to me a bit. He's still the same guy, seems a bit calmer, but that my just have been the alchohol. He told me how he had considered just calling me once in a while just because he was wanting to talk about God. See Kanon was a Christian as a child, now he just does the form of Christianity but doesn't believe in it. It's religion to him. It is just a way of doing things, it has no meaning to him. Because he tried to rationalize everything out in his mind, trying to bring it all to a science, he lost the just plain ability to believe. One of the things that is key to Christianity is go ahead & deal with the fact that there are things that you just cannot and will not understand. Like The Virgin Birth for instance. I don't understand how it happened, or how it COULD happen at all. But I do believe it happened. But anyways, he told me that he was considering coming to church with me once in a while. Somehow I believe that like I believe that Brother Danielson could make it in pop radio.

After Kanon & Redford were JUST about to leave, my brother pulls up in the yard with his travel trailer. Kanon & Redford get really scared an run off. Personally at this point I'm pretty amused at them, but also upset that my brother is here already. I am not too thrilled he is here. I must say I just don't enjoy his company too much. The only thin in common is we both called my dad "father." Thing is we don't even share genes, my father was only his Stepfather. By the way my brother is almost as old as my mother, he's like 48.

That's all for now, more to come when I get back from lunch hopefully

Arg Out

Posted by ga/nWoandMB20 at 3:44 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 1 December 2003 11:53 AM EST
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Tuesday, 25 November 2003

Thanksgiving Break Soon

Well just about everyone in #penisaur will be going somewhere else for thanksgiving, so that means that as of today I will probobly not have anyone to talk to, and no one to play gunbound with(unless I get lucky & meet up with Brian). Paul is going home, and will not have computer access, Chris never shows up. nik will be at Josh's house, and Bavid will be gone elsewhere. Brian is in Florida, and evilpie hardly talks. So I'll be rather lonely until those guys get back. But I'll deal with it. I guess this gives me more time to play The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. So Things are going to be a bit slow around the Arghäus for a while. But maybe I can play more of gunbound & majora's mask to make up for the lost interest.

Speaking of gunbound, I am now a double stone axe in the game, which is only signifigant to people who play the game, that means I am level 5 in the game, and it takes quite a bit of winning to level up. Because you only get like 20 exp a game if you win, and kill several players, and to get the second level you have to have 1100 exp, and of course it keeps going up from there.

Well I just purchased Starr's Memory card, and now I just need to get her the Prince of persia game and a gba link cable. In other news, I also just picked up Viewtiful Joe. I've been wanting this game since before it was finished, and now I have it. MWAHHAHA.

I'm dreading my brother coming home for the holidays. He is critical of everything I do. And has yet to ever be supportive. He always expects me to be something I am not. He annoys me. He made my fiancee cry on several occasions. I cannot say it's a joy to be around him.

I don't really have anything else to say today. So I'll just end on that one. Hope you guys continue to read, although Arg is starting to get boring ;)

Arg out

Posted by ga/nWoandMB20 at 6:31 PM EST
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Monday, 24 November 2003


Once again a nonsensical title. Just ignore it. Today after all of the times I've said I need to burn a copy of The Sophtware Slump I finally did it! And listened to it on the way to work. So far I seem to like Sumday a bit more, it's more upbeat. But something tells me that's not the way the band has always been so it's probobly considered a sell out album or something. But all I can say is I still seem to prefer Sumday. I'm trying to get back into the habit of updating this every work day. I seem to have slacked of for a few days.

Well I'm not sure if I ever said it here, but I have most of Starr's christmas present already, I got her a gamecube and it came with the Legend of Zelda Collectors edition bundle(which I swiped, I'll get her an easier game). I'm also going to get her a memory card 251, and The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. One, because I hear it's really really good, also because I hear it's relatively simple. And I know she'll enjoy it. But I've only gotten the Cube for her so far. I think I'll also give her my old GBA, and a gba link, because I think she may wind up eventually getting a game that's gba-link compatible(Think Animal Crossing 1 or 2). But that's still undecided.

But since I swiped her Zelda bundle, now I have been playing Majora's Mask a lot. I find it's really buggy. It has the tendancy to freeze up and not allow you to go into new areas a lot. The sound is also kinda funny at times. I guess that's the price you pay for trying to port something from a cartridge to a mini-dvd that spins backwards. But I do say that Majora's Mask is the better of the two zelda games for the N64. Although it is a complete side-quest because none of it takes place in Hyrule, and it's an alternate reality and all. But it's fun to actually have all those masks from Ocarina of Time actually DO something other than just look interesting. It's really wierd how you keep re-living the same 3 days though. That's a really novel concept. So you literally have 3 days to save the world.. Haha.

God, I really need to shave. Havent shaved in a few days and look really scruffy, face is a bit itchy too. Hate that.

I keep thinking about AVPH2.0(Macrock '04) And I just realized I forgot to call the Wrens last week. I need to call them Thursday since I'll be off, and I can also wish them happy Thanksgiving. But I just have to make sure I remember. And I also hope they don't already have something planned for those days. I hope they can at least be there the days OF mackrock and hang out, if not the entire AVPH2.0 time frame, and preform at macrock again.

Well I'm having to go to lunch at 4 instead of my normal 3. So hopefully my body can hold out ;). I'm getting tired of all these dial-up calls that keep getting sent here. We have enough calls on our own to not have to deal with dial-up as well.Up to 17 calls today, and at least half are dial-up. Well I'll be going to lunch pretty soon. So I'll go ahead & post this, then maybe I'll add more later today. We'll see.

Posted by ga/nWoandMB20 at 3:36 PM EST
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