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To the Junkyard and Beyond (Part 2)

By Tumblebrutus

King-Falla let out a steady purr as his pan came to its final point. " Alright, now from Nefret's description of the henchcats that got Tumblebrutus, we can easily figure out that one of them is Strike. As for finding out where our Jellicle friend was taken, who better could follow Strike's scent than our very own Gypsy."

Gypsy grinned slyly and snuggled closer to Geoffry. " Me and that cat go back a long way...With my teeth and his throat," purred Gypsy.

King-Falla gave a smile and turned to Fallon giving him a motion to finish up the plan. " We shall follow the scent all the way to Macavity's hideout. Once inside, we shall seperate into groups and go on a search for our young friend."

" And Heaviside help Macavity if he has harmed that Jellicle!" hissed Luna.

Trella placed an arm over her sister's shoulder and nodded her agreement. Fallon's eyes flashed red for a moment then returned to their normal color. " This will be a dangerous mission. I suggest that the kittens stay here where it's safe. That includes Nefret, Victoria, Etcetera, Jemi..." Fallon glanced around. " Where is Jemima?!"

The others began to look around. " Where's Mistoffelees?!" cried Trella.

Michael ran a hand down his face. Two more cast members missing...Wonderful. King-Falla shook his head. " The fools," he hissed. " No more time shall be wasted! Gypsy! Follow the scent!"

Gypsy put her nose to the ground and began to follow the trail of Strike. As King-Falla had ordered, the kittens( Actresses) stayed behind. Gypsy followed the scent to an ally and paused. " I smell Tumble, Mistoffelees and Jemima," said Gypsy.

Trella gasped. " Oh no! MAcavity knows that Misto was responsible for rescuing Old Deuteronomy! He'll kill him!" cried Trella.

" Not if we find his hideout and get to him first!" hissed Michael.

Gypsy started sniffing again and was on the trail. Bryn stuck close to Aeva. " If Macavity does try something, we're all here to protect you," said Bryn. Aeva sneered.

" I'm not afraid of that big hairball," snapped Aeva.

Bryn had forgotten that they were just actors and did not necessarily act like their charactor. Gypsy stopped at the mansion and turned to the others. " Well, here we are."

Having had a relationship with the Hidden Paw that she was not proud of, Gypsy cuddled close to Geoffry. Starting to actually get close to Gypsy, Geoffry held her close. King-Falla took the lead and ushered Michael up with him. Together with the others following close behind the two made their way to the front doors. King-Falla nudged the door open slightly, just enough to look around. The house was silent and still. The siamese and Michael caustiosly entered...Nothing. King-Falla motioned the others to enter. Everyone did, although they felt uncomfortable doing so. The stench of Macavity was everywhere. They had not been inside for more than five minutes when the door slammed behind them. King-Falla spun around. Guarding the door were two strays whom he knew as One Ear and Mooch. The electric lights all turned on blinding the actors and Jellicles. When their sight returned, they saw that they had been surrounded. Hairy strays armed with steak knives kept them trapped. Making his way down the staircase was none other than Macavity. He smiled wickedly at them when he reached the bottom. " Well, well, everything went exactely as planned, and you even returned Demeter to me, how thoughtful."

" I'm not here for your pleasure you big smelly fleabag," snarled Aeva.

Macavity's eyes widened. " Ooh, that's a new one," he hissed. " I trust you've come here for your companions." Macavity turned around. " Muncaster!"

A young black and white female cat made her way down the steps and to Macavity's side. " You need not fear for them. My daughter Muncaster has been taking good care of them, isn't that right?"

He gave her a playful nuzzle and Muncaster giggled. " Right Daddy," she purred.

Michael's fur began to puff out and he dared to take three steps closer to the Hidden Paw. " Where are they?" growled Michael.

Muncaster giggled again and sped back up the stairs. " Don't you worry Munkustrap," sneered Macavity. " You will be joining them soon enough."

Macavity snapped his claws and the strays closed in on them. Jason and John wouldn't go along without a fight. The two actors leaped at the strays, claws bared. John was taken down by two strays who ganged up on him. Jason's arm was slashed by one of the stray's steak knives and he quickly retreated back to the others. Macavity chuckeled and shook his head. " It would be best if you all cooperated with this." Macavity pointed to One Ear. " You! Take Demeter to my room. The rest of you take the Jellicles to the Guest Room."

One Ear shoved his way through the two strays who held John and made his way over Aeva. Her ears flattened and a soft hiss was heard under her breath. " You come with one Ear, Jellicle!" growled One Ear as he seized her arms.

King-Falla and Fallon started over to intervein but five strays came forward with there steak knives and held them back. Aeva began screaming insults and curses at One Ear, but the stray ignored her and continued to force her up the stairs. Macavity glared at the strays. " Well, what are you waiting for?! Lock them up!" snarled Macavity.

The ginger cat then hurried up the stairs. He found his room being guarded by two henchcats. They let Macavity pass and then returned to their post. Macavity found Aeva sitting in a corner, her face to the wall. Muncaster was curled up on his pile of silk. The evil cat made his way over to Aeva. " I told you I was going to get you back." Macavity reached over to touch her face.

Aeva pulled away and hissed at him. " Look! I'm not the slightest bit attracted or interested in you!" shouted Aeva.

Muncaster looked at her from the silk pile. " You shouldn't speak to Daddy like that," warned Muncaster.

Macavity simply smiled at Aeva and approached her again. " What are you going to do with my friends?" growled Aeva.

Macavity chuckled. " They will soon be put out of the way and then no one will be able to take you away from me," purred Macavity.

" What do you mean?" asked Aeva.

" They're due to be executed. All of them," laughed Macavity. " With all the Jellicles out of the picture there will be no one to take you from me."

Aeva stood there shocked for a moment, then rushed forward and began pounding her fists on Macavity's chest. " Killer! Killer! Killer!" Aeva shreiked.

Muncaster hissed and leaped down to help Macavity, but the henchcats reached her first. They grabbed her arms and held her still for the Hidden Paw. Macavity laughed and stroaked her face. " You'll forget all about them in due time," he crooned. He then motioned for Muncaster to join his side. " Shall we go get ready for the executions?"

"Let's Daddy!" laughed Muncaster.

Macavity glared at the henchcats. " Keep her here. I'll come back for her when the last Jellicle is killed off!"

The henchcats nodded and tightened their grip on Aeva. The actress began crying hysterically. Her friends were going to die and there wasn't anything she could do.

In the prison cell, there was little rejoicing over the finding of the missing cast members. King-Falla stared off into space trying to think up a way of escaping. Gypsy made her way over to Jacob. " Mistoffelees, you have to open the lock. Use your magic."

Jacob hissed angrily. " For the last time! I am not magical!" hissed Jacob.

Gypsy glared at him. " Look at you! You, the greatest magician denying his own gift! You have to believe in yourself Mistoffelees! You can get us out of here!"

Jacob shook his head stubbornly. " At least give it a try!" snarled Gypsy.

Jacob stared at the cat. He sighed and rose to his feet. Taking a deep breath, he placed his hands on the cell lock and concentrated on it. At first he felt nothing as he had expected, but then a strange feeling overtook Jacob. His arms felt like they had fallen asleep. A bright glow came from the lock an there was then a click. Jacob pushed on the cell door and it opened. Jacob's jaw dropped. " I did it," he said, a smile forming on his face.

Drew rushed over and placed his hands on Jacob's shoulders. " Jacob, baby! I never knew you had it in you!" exclaimed Drew.

" Neither did I," said Jacob.

King-Falla leaped forward. " Good work Mistoffelees! Now quickly! We have to save Demeter!"

All the cats followed King-Falla out of the cell. They walked out and made their way up the stairs where they had seen One Ear take Aeva.
Macavity had himself properly groomed. He would have to look his best for the Jellicles' demise. He met up with Muncaster. Her fur was practically shining. " You ready Muncaster?" he asked.

She giggled and nodded. Macavity extended his arm and she took it. He was making his way towards the room where the Jellicles were to be executed when he was stopped by Leper. " Macavity! The prisoners have escaped!" shouted Leper.

Macavity's eyes narrowed into slits. " ALL of them?" he hissed.

Leper nodded and Muncaster began to back away from her father. " Mistoffelees," hissed Macavity. " He's done it again." Macavity then froze. " DEMETER!!!"

He bolted off with Muncaster and Leper behind him.
The cats stopped when they reached the door where Aeva was being held. Luna tried using her Moon Magic (Don't ask) to open the door but she couldn't do it. Her sister helped, but the magic wasn't powerful enough. Bryn was suddenly struck with an idea. The actor began using his Macavity voice. " You in there! Open this door at once!" Bryn snarled.

Aeva's wail was heard from inside. The cast members grinned at Bryn while the other cats were shocked from his impression of the Hidden Paw. The door opened and Bryn leaped in and pounced onto the henchcat. One Ear left Aeva and rushed forward. Michael and John rushed in and grabbed the stray. Rosemarie ran in and took Aeva's hand. " You okay?" she asked.

Aeva's eyes were red rimmed from tears but she nodded. " I thought you were all killed," she said.

" Well, we do have nine lives," laughed Fallon.

No one laughed. Fallon decided to save his humor for a more appropriate time. Michael and King-Falla tied the two henchcats together with a silk blanket and then left the room with the others following behind. They raced down the steps to only be once again confronted by Macavity. His strays stood guard like an army of soldiers. Muncaster observed the scene from the safety of the head of a statue. " Wonderful attempt at an escape Jellicles, but you need to be more clever to escape the Hidden Paw," hissed Macavity.

Michael glared and stepped forward. " Get out of our way!" snarled Michael.

Macavity chuckled. " I'll tell you what, I'm a reasonable cat. Let's have a fight for it. My best cat against your best cat...SNARL!!!"

A large dark brown cat > enetered from the shadows. A stub that was once his tail wagged around. Snarl had a mean look in his eyes as he stood next to Macavity. " Your turn," hissed the Hidden Paw.

The cats got into a huddle. " I'm pretty strong but my arm got hurt. I'm in no position to fight," said Jason.

" This guy looks tough, but we're all reasonably strong," said Jo.

" Lemme take him. I'll bring him down," hissed John.

Bryn shook his head. " Listen guys, we all know that I'm the strongest one here," explained Bryn.

The others agreed and Bryn stepped forward. Macavity grinned. " Plato? Interesting choice," purred Macavity.

The evil cat gave a wave > of his paw and all the strays except Snarl back away and disappeared into the shadows. The Jellicles also backed away. Michael placed a hand on Bryn's shoulder. " Are you sure you want to do this? That wasn't fighting you were doing in the production, that was dancing," said Michael.

Bryn nodded his head. " Don't worry about me, worry about getting the others out of here," whispered Bryn.

Michael sighed and walked over to the others and motioned them to gather close. " Listen up. We all know that Macavity is not going to keep his word, whether we win or not. We all have to wait for the right opportunity for us to run out of here. Jacob, I'm counting on that magic of yours to bust down the door."

Jacob grinned. " Got it."

" A few of us have to stay behind to help get Bryn away from that cat," said Michael. " I'll stay behind to help...John you stay also as well as you Fallon. King-Falla, you take the others back to the junkyard."

King-Falla nodded at the plan. Fallon agreed to it as well. The cats backed up, preparing for their move. Snarl and Bryn approached each other.

" I'm gonna make you wish you as never born!" hissed Snarl.

Bryn tensed, his ears falling flat and his fur puffing out. He leaned back and popped his claws out. Snarl saw this and did the same, then without any warning, Snarl sprung forward and slashed his claws across Bryn's flank. The actor screamed and covered his side with his hand, much resembling when he had portrayed a wounded Macavity. Drew started forward but Jo held him back.

" Not yet, Michael will let us know when it is time for us to move," said Jo.

Drew was reluctant, but stayed back. Bryn spun around in time to see Snarl reach up to give another slash. Bryn dove out of the way, got up and jumped onto Snarl, like what Bryn had done with Michael. The actor dug his claws into Snarl's neck then slashed him across the eyes. Snarl threw Bryn off and stumbled around blindly. Bryn regained his balance for another attack. Striek joined in the battle and draped his claws down Bryn's back. " NOW!!!" shouted Michael.

Jacob lifted up his hands and blasted the door down with his lightning. King-Falla herded them all out the door. Michael, John and Fallon leaped forward to help Bryn. John and Michael pulled Strike away from Bryn and threw the henchcat into the enraged strays. Fallon threw Bryn over his shoulder and rushed out the smoking doorway. Muncaster leaped from the statue and and jumped in front of Michael and John as they made their way towards the door. " You're not going anywhere!" she snarled.

John grinned. " Oh I think we are," jeered John.

He picked up Muncaster and placed her over his shoulder. She began screeching and pounding her fists on John's back. Macavity let out a snarl and rushed at John. The actor got Muncaster into his arms and tossed her at the ginger feline. Macavity was knocked over with Muncaster weighing him down. Michael laughed and the two actors raced out and followed Fallon all the way back to the junkyard. All the cats rejoiced when they were all back together. Jacob was getting a kick out of his newfound powers and shooting lightning into the air. Fallon settled Bryn next to Jason. Jason grinned over at his hurt companion. " The injured stick together 'eh Bryn?" laughed Jason.

Bryn smirked at Jason and gave him a playful elbow in the side. Fergus and Veerle watched as Gypsy pounced onto Geoffry and began nuzzling him without any mercy. Fergus smiled at Veerle. " Those two would be very good together," jeered Fergus. Veerle smiled.

" Well, it's a little inspiring, don't you think Fergus?" askd Veerle as she brushed the brown and gray hair-fuzz away from his forhead.

Fergus grinned and a purr could be heard from inside his throat. Michael made his way through the crown and over to King-Falla. The siamese smiled and shook Michael's hand. " The rescue has been a complete success! Thank you!" exclaimed King-Falla. Michael smiled back.

" Thank you, we were glad to help, but..." Michael looked at his fellow cast members, then back at King-Falla. " ...We don't belong here. We're not cats, we're people and we have human lives."

King-Falla nodded solemnly. " I understand, you wish to go home." King-Falla pointed to the tire. " Go on there and you shall be brought home. You go on it first."

Michael made his way through the crowd and over to the tire and he leaped on top of it. The others looked up in awe as the tire slowly rised up into the air and towards the sky. Michael looked back down at King-Falla. The siamese stared up at Michael, his eyes gleaming with pride...Then everything in Michael's world went black.
Michael awoke to the sound of beeping. He opened his eyes and spotted his alarm clock. 6:30 AM it read. Michael yawned and stretched. A thought suddenly struck him and he looked at his arms. They were human, he wasn't a cat. He laughed in relief and fell back into his pillow. " Man, what a wild dream," he sighed.

Michael got out of bed and put on his robe. He then made his way over to the kitchen and got the coffee started. Michael took notice to the card that was settled on the counter. He had received it the other night. Once again he opened the card and read it.

Jacob Brent Invites You To A Cast Party.
6:30-11:00 PM
My House
Wear your make-up and costume!

Michael smiled amused. " Imagine, that strange dream from this simple card."

Michael then remembered that he had left his slippers in the bedroom. He walked into the bedroom and picked up the slippers from the side of his bed. He looked at the bed and dropped the slippers, frozen from shock....There were gray and black cathairs covering the sheets of his bed.

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