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Enter Cadamine: Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
A stranger is discovered in the junkyard, and she's no kitten! Written by me!

A Different View of Kidnapping
This story, wonderfully written by Wyntigereen, will make you wonder who the REAL bad guy of the Jellicles is

A Good Gumby Gone Garfield
Birana took this plotline from my Stupid Fanfic Plots list. Guess it's not so stupid anymore, is it?

Nermal and the Jellicles
Another Stupid Fanfic Plot written in script form. Cool idea by Tamanoella

Enter Mistoffelees
A Kitten No Longer
Nifty story about how Mistofflees joined the Jellicles (the best I have read yet), written by Talis

Tragic story about Mr. Mistoffelees' brother written by BlueBell. Have a tissue ready!

Mrs. Rum Tum Tugger
Do we really know Tugger as well as we think we do? Check out this hilarious story by Vannie.

Quadrothena, The Super Cat
Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer weren't always a notorious COUPLE of cats. Imaginative explinatory story by Vannie.

The Furry Cat Story
Two new Jellicles set off on an adventure they never expected. Written by Tuffy and Vannie.

Journals of the Wanderer
Journals Part 2

A wondering feline recounts her adventures among the Jellicles. A very British fanfic by Rheow. I love this story!

New Litter of Kittens
Friends and Enemies

The adventures of Misto, Victoria, and their kittens written by Jade.

A Notorious Love Story
A deep perspective into Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer's relationship by Meka. Short but sweet.

Macavity's Gift (Part 1)
Macavity's Gift (Part 2)
Is Macavity really all bad? What is he hiding? Find out in this great story by Steve Reeves

Mistoffelees' Mystery
All this time Mistoffelees has been hiding a deep secret from the tribe, and it's about to come out. Great story by Jemima

Through the Mist of Time (Part1)
Mist (Part 2)
A must read story by Grannycat! This story probes the depths of Munkustrap's past up until the last Jellicle Ball. I was reduced to tears!

Macavity Meets His Match (Part 1)
Macavity (Part 2)
A cute story by Jemima Mistoffelees. Can Jemima and five other females hold their own against the Hidden Paw?

The Capture
Intro to some new Jellicles, and do they have a surprise for Macavity! Written by Starrbagemie.

The Day of Dread
A Jellicle prequal written by Tumblebrutus. This story is somewhat gruesome and sad, but is well written

Tumblebrutus and Anybodys
A prisoner in Macavity's clutches, Brutus makes friends with another female. But he soon finds out why everyone fears Macavity. Written by Tumblebrutus.

The Tale of Tumblebrutus
Tumblebrutus has suffered throughout his young life, but it is far from over, can he be accepted into the Jellicle tribe once more?

The Jellicle Revenge
By Tumblebrutus. Much time has passed since the Day of Dread, but the memory still burns deep.

Frisky: The Jellicle Stray
Frisky: Part 2
A new generation written by Tumblebrutus. This story introduces a new Jellicle addition, as well as some exciting action. Never a dull moment!

The Jellicle Rescue
The Jellicles are coming to the rescue! Will they save Frisky and Etcetera in time?

Frisky's Litter
A new generation is getting into more trouble than the Jellicles planned. Written by Tumblebrutus.

To the Junkyard and Beyond
(Part 2)
Originally untitled, what would happen if the cast of CATS actually became cats? Find out when the actors from the video experience something out of the ordinary. Great Story by Tumblebrutus!