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Thanks to MrMistofelees and others, I have made a list of the craziest CATS parody/fanfic ideas. If you actually try to make a story from these plots, either you are completely insane, or they will be so incredibly hilarious that I will HAVE to put them on my fanfic page! Kind of makes you feel better about the fanfics you have written, doesn't it?

1. Macavity becomes Jellicle leader, by Old Deuteronomy's and Munkustrap's vote, using no magic to change their minds. He is loved by all Jellicles.
2. Munkustrap kills the whole tribe out of boredom.
3. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer see the evil of their ways and become good, honest Jellicles and cop cats, watching for deliquents destroying property, and lecture them for hours on the evils of crime (They just wouldn't be Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer if they were all good)
4. Bustopher Jones swears off his clubs, and becomes a vegitarian (Maybe it would work in a parody, but not anywhere else).
5. Gus, the theater cat finds the Fountain of Youth, and becomes a stud cat again.
6. Electra and Etcetera, jealous that Rum Tum Tugger does not pay enough attention to them, and more to the other females, shave off his ruff and other spots while he's asleep. Tugger finds he's madly in love with the new look they gave him, and pays more attention to them until the other females shave off his ruff and other spots, and his hair stops growing at all. He ends up wearing a shrunken pink cardigan that is his size, and makes the females fall even harder for him. He eats a strange pill which happens to be Propecia, (A hair growing pill for men) and all his hair grows back to persian length, and the females all dump him (probably too weird for a parody).
7. Rum Tum Tugger swears off multiple girlfriends, and decides to get neutered (that is NOT Rum Tum Tugger!).
8. Nermal, from Garfield, cuddles up to Macavity and kills him out of perpetual cuteness. She is later ripped apart by the females after her cuteness attracts too many Toms her way (Parody, maybe. Fanfic, never).
9. The CATS team teams up with Pinky and the Brain and take over the world (parody, maybe, reg. fanfic, never. Not that we wouldn't mind either, most of the time).
10. Mistoffelees starts giving every Jellicle he sees a big kitty wedgie with his magical powers (Parody, maybe, but he wouldn't live to the end).
11. Jennyanydots reads one too many Garfield comics and becomes even more of a Gumby cat. She later tries to mail Jemima, the cute Jellicle, to Abu Daubi (A very amusing parody, but would never make it to fanfic).
12. Old Deuteronomy accidently swallows a Viagra pill (I will comment no further).
13. By some weird twist of fate, Macavity turns human and promptly becomes a nun (a male cat becoming a human nun? Does anyone else think this is too weird for a parody?).
14. By a freak accident, the CATS crew and the crew of the original Star Trek switch roles. The Star Trek government has the whole bunch committed after they insist on stripping out of their uniform and walking around, greeting ambassadors in the nude, and rubbing against them. The Trek crew would all die because Kirk would be stupid enough to take on Macavity, forgetting he isn't in his little spiffy spaceship. Kirk dies, the rest decide to join Macavity, because his speeches are shorter (hope you trekies can understand that parody).
15. Bombalurina, Jellyorum, Demeter, and Jemima start a CATS version of the Spice Girls (Feline Power!).
16. In an introduction to the Gumby Cat, Mistoffelees forgets how to open the car trunk, and Jennyanydots suffocates (probably too cruel for a fanfic).
17. Jennyanydots gathers four beetles together and creates a fab rock band that gains massive popularity all over the world (nah, it could never work)!
18. The Rum Tum Tugger and Jemima, the cute Jellicle kitten, start dating (Don't tell me you haven't seen his moves in the video). Victoria and Etcetera become outraged and hire Macavity to kill Jemima. Macavity gets a crush on Jemima and becomes good to date her. But then Rum Tum Tugger kills Macavity out of jealousy. Jemima then becomes mad at her first love and kills him, and then Etcetera and Victoria, now fuming at the fact that their eye candy the Rum Tum Tugger is gone, kill Jemima. Ironic and stupid, isn't it?
19. A sadistic person kidnapps Jemima and attaches suction cups to her paws, and sticks her to the inside of a car window (it would be a little more original than Garfield).
20. Mistoffelees, ticked that everyone teases him because he is short, conjures up a spell to make him the largest cat of all. He storms through London, destroying buildings and eating cars, until he is killed by an equally giant foot from the sky. (watching too much Monty Python...)
21. Macavity becomes a Hippie. (Peace, love and catnip)
22. Munkustrap kills Macavity, but due to the fact that everything must have a villan, he is forced to become Macavity's replacement.
23. Etcetera falls while on the trampeze swing in the beginning
24. Jemima and Nermal have an all out death match to see who is the cutest kitten of them all.
25. Jemima and Nermal (I think Nermal's a he.) fall in love and have a kitten, who is so adorable that the world explodes, not ready for the cuteness..
26. Jemima, Electra, Etcetera, Victoria, and Nermal come together to form the "Cuteness Rangers" (A spin off on the Power Rangers.) They fight the evils of non-cuteness with fluttering eyes, playful antics, and purrs.
27. Demeter after having a big fight with Munkustrap runs off to her true love Macavity.
28. The conductor, ticked off over Skimble's repetitive tardiness, puts him in a mailbag and throws him out the window. (Poor Skimble)
29. Jennyanydots concered about Bustopher's weight problem, and Jellyorum concerned about Mistoffelees lack of weight, preform a fat exchange in their sleep.
30. Victoria and Mistoffelees secretly hate each other. (Come on, you saw how they were always together in the video.)
31. Bustopher Jones is tragically burned by the cheese in a fondu pot.
32. None of the actors are human, they are all cats. (Ohhh, wouldn't you just love to take one home?)