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Who knew? Well someone did! If you know of any interesting stories about the actors from CATS or tales that took place during the filming of the video, send them to me, so that I can add them. Special thanks to Annelie and Drew for the inside CATS info!

~ Femi Taylor (Exotica) was the original Tantomile in the London cast. That's why she can be seen in the video

~ "Growltiger's Last Stand" wasn't included in the video because Sir John Mills wasn't up to it (well, he is 90) and it also just wasn't as movement oriented as the rest of the show

~ Femi Taylor (Exotica) was a dancer in George Lucas' film Return of the Jedi. She was one of the dancers who fell into the rancor pit by Jabba the Hut

~ Jacob Brent was once part of the happiest place on earth. That's right! He used to be a performer at Disney World. No wonder the place is so great!

~ On average, the CATS makeup for the video took about 45 minutes, but Munkustrap and Skimbleshanks had to work up to an hour and a half on their. Talk about blending. No wonder it looked so good!

~ The notorious couple Drew Varley & Jo Gibb, who plays Mungojerrie & Rumleteazer, got victims for a HUGE MISTAKE in the Video Credits. There we were told their vocals were supposed to have been dubbed in this video. This is NOT TRUE so you can all enjoy Drew & Jo singing beautifully with their own voices...
Drew & Jo are working on getting this corrected, and to get a compensation from RUG. They have brought in the case on to Equity who's now taking care of it.

~ Geoffrey Garrath who plays the part of Skimbleshanks was dubbed during the Skimbleshanks song. Supposedly ALW wanted a Scottish railway cat. Turned out pretty good, don't you think?

~ Veerle Castelyn was also dubbed during the video because she had just returned from Belguim it was rumored that she had trouble handling the English lyrics.

~ Despite all of the dubbing in the video, all actors used their voices during the prologue

~ A soundtrack to the CATS video will soon be created.

~ Good news for everyone who is without a DVD player (that's me!). The Really Useful Company has planned a release of The Making of CATS on VHS about 6 months after the video was released (Let's came out in October of '98, so it should be out around...APRIL!!)

~ It is rumored that Drew Varley and Jo Gibb are really BROTHER AND SISTER!! Jo is married, so they don't have the same name.

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