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A Little Bit of it all

Hey! My name is Donna and this is my web page. This is actually about the fourth time I have redone this sad excuse of work I call a web page! My life has changed just about as much as my page has from the last time I worked on it. I'm 19 yrs old and I'm a confused, I was a freshman in college. But know I am transfering to a Tech school in Valdosta named Val Tech.

I have many loves in life. but one of my most favorite things to do is listen to my favorite country singer George Stairt,

Isn't he just precious!
I have always loved good ole loveable Pooh Bear. Pooh is a part of my childhood that I plan to never loose. It would be cool if we all have a big ole Pooh to hug each day. A funny thing is that some of Pooh's friends remind me of some of my family memebers.

I am a really big fan of ABC's General Hospital. My favorite person on the show is Steve Burton who plays Jason Morgan who used to be Jason Quartermiane. I guess you would have to watch the show to understand that! Check-out the GH part of my Homepage.

Yummy,Yummy Steve Burton!!

This web page will contain many differents things in life that enjoy. Keep coming back to see what I have up next. Thanks for visiting my page! Come Agian and sing my NEW guestbook.

last updated Friday, August 21, 1998 11:43 pm

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