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Marty Smith's Home Page

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Primitive Baptists - I am one
My children
Oceanography/fishery ship where I lived for 2 years.
My technical resume
Some editorial opinions - often good ones
Where I work - Lockheed Martin
An On-Line Bible

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. My name is Martin Keith Smith, but friends call me Marty. I was born September 1, 1955 in Atlanta, GA, to Eugene and Jeanette Smith. I have lived in Atlanta, New York, Honolulu, Washington,DC, California, Connecticut, and in rural NW Georgia. I have worked as a grocery cashier, an auto assembler, a high school teacher and coach, a car salesman, a ship driver (I'm a shellback),and an aerospace engineer. I like literature (Tolkien and Tolstoy), music (Handel and Lightfoot), and sports (soccer, volleyball, running). Jesus, the Lord, has blessed me. I have five children: Melody (1984), Maggie (1986), Caleb (1988), Ellie (1990) and and Elijah (1992). I try to serve as the pastor of a friendly little church called Union Primitive Baptist Church, in Roswell, GA, where I have been since 2003. I believe that God inspired the Bible and preserved it, even in some translations, so that it is without error. Please come back to this site and visit again!