Lyrics Of The Menthol Kings!

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Teenagers Are Subhuman

Stupid clueless blankeyed bastards, football practice and car crashes.....

teenagers are subhuman

No taste, no class, and not a clue. There's nothing right that teenagers do, think they know it all, but they all suck, stomach pumpings and awkward fucks

teenagers are subhuman


Frying Pan

Beat her the head with a frying pan, cause she couldnt open my can of spam, Im so fucked up I cant even see straight, she gave me a habit I needed to break alright......

frying pan

Slap her silly with my pan, let her know who is the man, she talks she breathes, she bothers you and me, shes dumb shes slow, shes wherever I go

frying pan

Slap her silly with my pan, show her whos the fucking man, OJ aint shit gonna make it hurt, gonna kick that ego into the fucking dirt.......frying pan!!


Shes Too Tight

Oh my god, what a sight, shes a skank, but shes too tight. Feels to good, to keep it in, drink some beer and finger it.

shes too tight!

Shes too tight, drink some more, condoms suck, but I wear 4, I tried and tried, but I can't hold. Drop my load, and hit the road.


Gimmie Access

Pull that shit up your ass, fuck your shit wicked hard. Look at me like I was John Holmes, fuck you like a porno star

gimmie access, spread those legs, gimmie access, spread your legs

You're a useless piece of flesh, Im gonna make it hurt, call me daddy and scream and moan, I give you what I wanna give

gimmie access


Alcohol Keeps Me Alive

I wake up thirsty, and I must drink, I throw up, and shit in the sink

alcohol keeps me alive

I can't exist, without some booze, and fornicate, with stupid pieces of shit.


I Want A Blowjob

I want a blowjob I wanna......I wanna a blowjob I wanna.......I wanna blowjob I wanna.........


Time For Sex

When I wake up, its time for sex, when I leave you, its for the best

Drive drunk late at night, beat on your door. Fuck your brains out and make you sleep on the floor, time for fucking sex when I say so, time for fucking sex, don't say no.

time for sex!


Skank Patrol

Everynight is skank patrol, good new cunt its never old, buy those drinks and take it home, hit that shit now leave me alone

skank patrol......mark it sold

Stupid girls aren't hard to find, love the action not the mind, nothing like a vacant girl, existing on a different world.


Room 13 Likes Hockey

NHL on Friday night. But Face Off 98 suffices. The 513 Club can wait. Cause all the action is on the skates.

The Crowd Sucks

You don't move, you don't yell, unless we're chicks, you think we smell

You don't think, you don't care, smoke cigarettes and just stare

this crowd sucks

You paid cash to sit and stare, to be a fool and sit in a chair

You have no life, no energy, just be a clone and stare at me.


Shes Easy

He waits for her after the show, he knows she cant say no, now shes in her mood, and takin home another dude

shes so easy, it makes me sick, call me later, what a trick

Shes a single girl now, I dont even wanna know how, she wants to be part of the scene, shes gonna catch a fuckin disease.


I Hate England

land of fucking bullshit, hey whats new.....three tv channels, hey, thats real cool.....pubs close at 12am, what the fuck?...I guess they're all tired from their 5 pint lunch.

I hate England it makes me sick, I fucking hate that place.

what the fuck is that guy trying to say?...he's acting brittish, hes not REALLY gay....lovely brittish smiles, yessiree....I've seen all the UK that I wanna see.