The Menthol Kings story is a quick one.

Like their music and sexual prowess, their presence is felt quickly and lost forever. At one point, their webpage was one of legendary status. People could spend hours getting lost in their maze of debauchery, chauvinism, and ill regard to their contemporaries. Hate mail and less-than-enthusiastic responses to their attitudes quickly drove them down into a sea of negativity and alcohol abuse. Passing out in dumpsters behind clubs, driving recklessly drunk down Ga 85 at 3AM with no recollection of how they made it home, these hi-jinx quickly wore the members down into horrible beasts. In January of 1999, Wilson..King Of Beers made his announcement of retirement and the Kings have remained silent since then, and the people rejoiced. What remains is this website; a testament to the joy of not having a job and time to burn.