IGGY & THE STOOGES (RAW POWER REMIX)- I had the original recording and i liked it, but the mix really sucked. well this fucker's remixed and it fuckin rules...it aint just vocals and guitar anymore. so now you can enjoy all the instruments as you listen to your portable cd player on your ride home on the short bus.

OINGO BOINGO (ONLY A LAD)-their first album....real fuckin swanky. the best part of this record is that not one song has mention of being "pretty fly for a white guy". that, i like.

THE DAMNED (MACHINE GUN ETIQUETTE)- my favorite from a great band. none of the members had mohawks, so i know alot of you could never listen to them, but im sure a new rancid album is around the corner...so save your dough, punk rock stud.

MISFITS(COLLECTION 1)- ive been a misfits fan since i was a youngin, and this album is a good mix of their best shit. i enjoy gardening while listening to it. makes the daisys grow pretty.

MDC(MILLIONS OF DEAD COPS)- really fast and a little sloppy, but it's one of the first punk albums i got, so i have a special place for it in my heart. it goes on the mantle right next to the naked picture of your mother i have.

BAD BRAINS(BAD BRAINS)- makes me believe in the power of the 4 track recorder. i cant make my 4 track recordings sound like that...perhaps its a matter of content. good shit, one way or the other.

CITIZEN FISH(MILLENIA MADNESS)- not as good as "free souls..." or "wider than a postcard", but its decent. its the fuckin members of subhumans...OF COURSE ITS GOOD!

X (LOS ANGELES/WILD GIFT CD)- really good...the only 2 X albums worth a shit...they went straight to hell after wild gift. when billy zoom left, they just plain sucked...he ruled on guitar. he probably still does...perhaps we should visit him in that cave on the side of the mountain his ass went to after leaving X, and find out if he still rocks on the guitar.