King Rex


King Rex is known primarily as a legendary lounge singer of the XXX Lounge genre. His shows were filled with confusion, anger, drunken swagger, and fistfights with the disgusted boyfriends and older brothers of certain ladies or girls. However, around 2 months ago, his legal bills began to pile up, paternity case after paternity case and he began to sink into debt. His drinking problem only helped a little bit but he realized he needed some dough.

So after consulting with the lawyers on the Corn Legal Action Team, they devised a theory that he start a new project while his lawyers handled the numerous lawsuits and legal actions towards his known intentions towards his female fans below ths voting age. Alas, Rex started the Menthol Kings. He recruited Otter Fairmont,another swinging friend and legend from the XXX Lounge circuit to assist on bass playing duties.

Rex is the cutest one of the Menthol Kings. He hangs out at Showbiz pizza in search of a dream girl. He currently plays Fender Guitars and Amplifiers and pops Ambiens cause he only wants the best. He writes songs in a pill induced haze at 5 am in his shady basement room that even Otter finds a little "too shady" for his preferences, but he crashes here anyway. This den has now been named the Easy Access, by Otter. This is due to his sexual experiements and "stunts" he perfoms on the numerous couches in the den. We always welcome those in the area to stop by the Easy Access. Hi-jinx are always afoot at the Easy Access.

Rex can be reached after shows only after a sworn affidavit has been signed relieving him of any legal responsiblity of his sexual actions showered upon his lady fans. He is also available for PRIVATE lounge singing dates, no public performances.


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