Hiatus Continues

"The Menthol Kings Remain Unimpressed

10.20.99 Breaking News--Members of the disbanded Menthol Kings have united and mutated into a new form of the Atlanta band, Room 13. A mixture of hardcore, speed punk,noise and metal...Room 13 is set to redefine the meaning of the word "punk."

"It's time for something new," said Otter. "Punk is so dead and it has been worn out and exploited by record industry scum. We will be taking things in a different direction."

5.20.99- The Menthol Kings are currently at work recording their posthumous lp. They are no current plans for live shows and their status remains the same. "Playing shows is fucking stupid" said Wilson...King Of Beers in his first public appearance at a Menthol Kings press conference on Thursday. "We ain't coming back and I hate you all." He then threw a beer can at a German reporter.

Otter King remains in exile in a small town in Northwest Georgia. There have been few sightings of him.

King Rex has changed his name to just Rex. He claims his negativity last year damaged his spiritual oneness and is currently working hand in hand with Adam Yaunch to free the Tibetian Monks. He also has produced the new Raped Cow lp.

Songs On The New Menthol Kings LP

  • Room 13 Likes Hockey
  • Frying Pan
  • Gimmie Access
  • Shes Too Tight
  • Time For Sex
  • The Crowd Sucks
  • I Want A Blowjob
  • Teenagers Are Subhuman
  • Skank Patrol
  • What's Your Problem?(circle jerks)
  • Alcohol Keeps Me Alive
  • She's Easy
  • Rip Off
  • USA (reagan youth)
  • I Hate England

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