A hot new item has just been made available for you! Introducing KING WEAR..A line of clothing that sums up the coolness of the Menthol Kings. Currently avalable for $5 US dollars are MK workshirts with the crown and MK design on the front pocket. More designs will soon be available and only here! Feel free to order one directly from Corn at:

Corn Records
300 Old Ford Road
Fairburn, GA 30213

Also, for $50 US dollars you can recieve a recently recorded practice tape! Be the first on your block to have this precious piece of music history! The Menthol King practice tape was recorded in 10 minutes from a precision hand held recording device! There are five vocal-less songs for your pleasure! Get it while it's this cheap...because this is destined to be a bootleggers dream tape in the near future! Only 50 bucks! Send your cash and you'll get your tape in a month or so. The first ten orders get a free NUMBER 2 pencil! Send cash Corn Records.Also, you can go ahead and purchace advance seating for the first show, destined to become an event as big as Woodstock and Farm Aid. You can be put on the guest list and recieve a complementary invitation to a formal Menthol King dinner for the low low price of 29 dollars. This package includes a late night or early morning dinner at Dennys, the opportunity to experience the charm and charisma of the Menthol Kings firsthand, a King Wear shirt with your name on the pocket, and a bottle of Thunderbird wine. A deal like this doesnt get any sweeter, so if you are a female and currently have 29 dollars to wisely spend, go ahead and place that order and say "Make mine a menthol!" You won't be dissapointed!

As always, Otter is always available for escorting. Rates are reasonable and weekends are usually open. We encourage you to give him a try for yourself, ladies.

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