Oh yes, it's King Rex!

Congratulations! You have picked King Rex as your choice! Rex has many plans that are designed to fit any budget and intentions! So read on and see which plan is right for you and "Make Yours A Menthol!"

Package one: "Meet The Folks" ------Weekday evening (6pm-9pm)

This package gives you the opportunity to bring Rex home to your parents and show them that you are dating one of the greatest musicians in the world. You can explain the exciting chemsitry he emits while performing and how it was by "fate" your paths crossed and you think that you and Rex are "soulmates". Yes, show your folks true stardom and an evening they will be discussing at the country club, at the weekly card games, and at Sunday dinners for months to come. Rex's personality and charisma are unmatched and guarantees to make your parents very proud of you. Here's what the package consists of:

Package Two: "Grope Across America....A Roadtrip With Rex!!!"

(3 month advance notice prior to booking) 4 week cross-country auto trip

Oh yes! You CAN take it with you this time. Rex loves a good road trip and is happy to share your experience with you. Of course conditions apply as you will see below. This 4 week package is one of our most exciting deal you will encounter!


Package Three: "The Basic"-------weekends 9pm-10am

The Basic plan is desinged for the girl on the go who may not have time to indulge in drug induced roadtrips or late light shady sexual encounters.