Black Sabbath-Never Say Die




Ah yes. The end of the road, sayanora, adios amigos, the final curtain, get outa town and all that good stuff. I'm actually proud to say this was their last album as opposed to Tehnical Ecstacy. It's really not as bad as people say it is. Or maybe it is and now I have become one of the people I always make fun of?!

Anyway, Never Say Die is a great song. I always wanted to cover this song in a band. It's an upbeat driving song with no filler. I'm not sure if the lyrics are dumb or good cause I really don't know what he's singin but I have a feeling they're probably middle of the road. This album was originally designed to be sung by a different dude but Ozzy came back after he quit the first time. There were also some songs that Ozzy refused to sing over and so they had to write all new songs for Oz. One of em was used anyway with Bill Ward singing it, and honestly it's better than anything the came up with off their last album.

Johnny Blade is a song that would have made me sick if it had been on the last album but it's on this one so it's not AS bad. It all comes down to production folks. I can hear this song perfectly on Technical Ecstasy and it aint pretty. Anyway, these lyrics are pretty dumb and the music is similar to the last albums "rocker" songs. But I dig it anyway, cause I'm a big dork.

Juniors Eyes is the one after that and I think it's a cool song. Can you dectect how defensive I am about this album so far? At least this song isn't about gypsys or backstreet kids. The music is definatly the coolest part about this song, not the words. I like the way the guitar sounds very very much. Good bass line by Geezer. People say that the drums sound weak on this LP, like he's playing a carboard box. They're stupid. It doesn't. Not at all. They sound like drums.

A Hard Road. The years after Sabotage were not the best for lyric writing in the Sabbath camp. The music is fair on this song, but if I had it on CD I would skip it. As long as you compare everything on here to their last album, you appreciate it more.

Shock Wave. Cool, this sounds like Sabbath! Wow, it's been a while. Not a bad song at all."It's time to realize that you're gonna die!" Hey! I like that action, thats the Sabbath I like. It's wierd, all the really good songs on this album are on the upbeat side.

Air Dance. Okay, well, I can listen to this song, but maybe once every 6 months. It's kind of a jazzy thing with descriptive lyrics that are still better than "Yeah! She's a gypsy." Man, I can't get over that. But, it's a nice song, pretty. Nothing more, nothing less. Not really Sabbath.

Over To You. Cool. Not a classic but definatly cool. Tony's style is a lot more varied on this album but he still holds my attention. Good Sabbath riff. A decent rock song. What can I tell you?

Breakout. One of them "intro" sort of songs. I find it quite cool.

Swinging The Chain. This is one of the songs that Ozzy didn't wanna sing. Oh well, too bad. It's not so bad. Anyway, Bill sings this one. The lyrics sound like they were written by everyone except Ozzy. Sort of a "see you later" song directed towards Ozzy. I think they all knew it was going down. At least they made a pretty good last effort. I sort of feel this album is on the same wavelength as Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (well, not musically) in terms of my opinion. I'm indifferent. It's definatly something I can pop in the tape player and enjoy while I do other things.

Anyway, the band is finshed after this album. I heard they still released albums with the same band name after this. Thats just what I heard.



Never Say Die

Johnny Blade

Juniors Eyes

A Hard Road

Shock Wave

Air Dance

Over To You


Swinging The Chain