Black Sabbath-Technical Ecstacy




Wow, I can't believe I own this album! Thought I would have recorded over it by now with "hit sounds of the paleozoic era" or something more exciting. This album offers nothing to me. I find no beauty in it or artistic merit. This is a waste of yours and their time. Of course there are sick people out there who really like it, but they probably own a Journey record and know all the words to "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger and were sad when Damn Yankees called it quits and so on.....This album is Technical Agony.

Well, lets just try and disect it shall we? It won't take long.

Okay, so we start off with All Moving Parts (stand still). Yawn. Boring. No fun. Technically profecient, boring as shit. Thats progress, folks.

Rock And Roll Doctor. Remember how I said before about how Sabbath lyrics were either stupid or superb? These are stupid. It's a "rock and roll" sounding song with a piano in there (a la Boogie With Stu-Led Zeppelin) with stupid ass lyrics like "Gonna see a rock and roll doctah....gonna see him today, he gonna blow me away". I have to vomit.

She's Gone. This song will make you physically ill.

Dirty Women. If they had to take one song off of each of their LPs for a compilation, I suppose it would be this song. It's not good, but it's certainly not as bad as the rest of the dogshit on this album.

Back Street Kids. Stupid lyrics, sounds like Boston. Guitar sound is way too compressed. Slick. Shiney. I hate it. Synthesizers are now at the point where you chuck the cassette out the window or cherish the CD (cause if you bought this on CD you are either stupid or sick). On this song you notice how Ozzys voice has his now familar nasal ring to it. His voice now sounds like it does on his solo albums.

You Won't Change Me. Hmmm, starts off pretty Sabbath like, eww theres a keyboard playing now. Now its all synthesizer. Okay, now the song is complete shit. All finished here. Oh yeah, the lyrics suck too.

It's Alright. This shit song was sung by the drummer Bill Ward. I think he is a rad drummer and a great guy personally (so I hear) but damn if this song doesn't suck monkey balls. Maybe it's his fault, maybe they needed a hit, but man, it's another shit song that makes me ill. What pisses me off is in the Sabbath Video they waste my time with TWO tracks from this album as apposed to one from each on the other albums. This sounds so 1970's in the worst way possible.

Gypsy. Hello, yet another sub-par song. STUPID LYRICS! Man! Wow! Coke induced late night "better come up with something" action here. "Yeah, shes a gypsy." Yeah, sure, you know a lot of gypsys. Too many parts to this song too. Man, it's a painful experience to listen to this album. I wish they did it after Ozzy left. This is probably one of the reasons he did.

This album is fecal matter.


The "songs"

All Moving Parts Stand Still

Rock 'N Roll Doctor

She's Gone

Dirty Women

Back Street Kids

You Won't Change Me

It's Alright