Sabbath Bloody Sabbath



I must say that for the most part, I have always been indifferent towards this album. It doesn't really rock my world, but at the same time, it's a nice progession for Sabbath. On their home video, The Black Sabbath Story, the video refers to this album as their finest hour. Perhaps in their eyes or others but not mine. Then again, I have a sick sense about what makes rad music.

The album starts off with the familiar Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, a heavy rocker with an acoustic guitar thrown in during the chorus. I think thats how people judge your progress as a band. Once you throw in an acoustic guitar, you are "progressing". Whatever. Anyway, never been a huge fan of this song and honestly I thought Anthrax's version is just as good. What a terrible thing to say, but I think it is. Except that Joey Belladonna sings it and that is unexcusable. Anyway, that's pretty much as heavy as it gets on this album. Except for maybe Killing Yourself To Live, but even that song isn't really THAT heavy. Now, I really don't have any problems with this album. It's a real good album, it's just not the kind of thing you would expect from them. But I do dare say that is's a beautiful album. The songs, although more mellow, are arranged well and are well written. This is NOT filler.

This is their first album with a keyboard in the mix. And at the time, they got the best man in the biz to do it....Rick Wakeman of Yes. (never been a fan at ALL) But I must admit, they are tastefully used and they are not trying to shove them down our throats, showing us how progressive they are. The production on this album is well, but just not designed for Sabbath. Everything is mixed equally, which may be a reason it falls short.

A National Acrobat is my favorite song on this album. Its a cool riff that brings out the signature drone of Iommi's guitar. Ozzy's voice is still holding up quite well. It sounds as if they needed a break in their nonstop lifestyle and they came up with this album. Not to sound sexist or anything (I'm on your side girls) but I would suggest this album as the Sabbath album you buy your girlfriend.

Spiral Architect is a beautiful song that is not very Sabbath at all, but a great song nevertheless. I really hope they play that one live. I'm not sure if they are or not, they have been playing some rare ones lately and I think thats really cool.

Not much else I can say about this album. I don't hate it, and I don't consider it a neccesity. Just a well produced piece of rock music, circa 1974.



Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

A National Acrobat


Sabbra Cadabra

Killing Yourself To Live

Who Are You?

Looking For Today

Spiral Architect