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My Formerly Weird Take on all Things Gaming!!!

This is my opinions page. I speak for only myself, and cannot help if you disagree. These are only MY opinions, if you disagree with me mail me and we can discuss it like normal human beings. Again, these are my, and no other contributors, opinions.

A Return To The Old!!

With the return of the enchantment heavy deck in Urza's Saga, old-style play is going to make a comeback. No more shadow and buyback, REAL Magic is back (for at least three months). I like this new old change, it means that WotC is listening to the people. I was not going to buy ANY of Urza's Saga or any of the new sets afterward, but I decided to try one more time and bought just the preconstructed decks. I liked what I saw. I probably am not buying any more of Urza's Saga, but like the set and encourage all Magic fans to check it out as soon as the next check clears. I may not be right, but MAN, I am close.

Dustin Watson

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