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My Own Super-Sword!!!

Alignment: Neutral Good
Primary Abilities: Detect Magic in a 10' radius, Flying 120 yards
Extraordinary Powers: Telepathy 60 yard range, Telekenesis 250 lbs maximum
Special Purpose: Defeat Evil
Special Purpose Power: Detect Evil in a 10' radius
Languages: Common, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome, Gnoll
Ego: 23 INT: 14
Communication: Speech
Abilities (Other)
Create costume (blue jumpsuit, red cape and boots)
Stores the following magic items: Pendant of Heat Vision (1d8 DMG, Range 5/10/15), Boots of Speed (movement and attacks x2), Helmet of X-Ray Vision (5' Range).
Sword functions as a Long Sword with 1d10/1d12 DMG
Sword bestows +3 to hit/ +4 to damage and -2 AC
Jor'dunn is a cocky and arrogant intelligent sword. When a good aligned character weilds him, he turns the user into some kind of "super" man. The sword will not work for those of Evil alignment.


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