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Fantasy Art Gallery!!

This is my fantasy art section. These works are not mine, but I like them. I hope you like it too, I give full credit to the artist(s).
I interperet this as a knight who has seen one too many battles. After all that, he seems more like a dark knight than a Paladin.

Demon's Paw
I see this as a REALLY cool hand-thing first, and as a show of the power of the non-Human races.

This is a picture of the wizard Gandalf. Cool huh??

This is more the traditional Paladin of legend. No doubt off on some quest of the gods.

And The Battle Rages On!!
This is what every gamer lives for. Beating the Bad Guys!!

Dragon Breath
This DM is really nice!! I wish I got to be a dragon, or even have one as a pet.

A New Friend!!
This is cute, a new boyfriend and hes BIGGER than me!!

More Than He Can Chew!!
This is bad. I can tell you that this guy REALLY p*ssed his DM off to battle this guy.

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