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Past Deck: Reanimator!!!

My Reanimation/Buried Alive Deck
1 Spirit of the Night
2 Cadaverous Knights
2 Shadow Riders
4 Black Knights
2 Knights of Stromgald
4 Sengir Vampires
2 Tar Pit Warriors
2 Shivan Dragons, Crash Of Rhinos
1 Dakkon Blackblade, Archangel
2 Demonic Tutors, 2 Animate Dead, 3 Dance of the Dead
1 Necromancy, 2 Strands Of Night, 3 Buried Alives
3 Bad Moons, 1 Nevrynall's Disk
20 Swamps
This Deck is not Type 2 Legal!!
The best way to play this deck is to bury the off color (non-black) creatures as soon as possible and then animate them. An early Dakkon or Archangel can quickly spell doom!!


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