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Past Deck: Icy Manipulator/Winter Orb

My Winter Orb/Icy Manipulator Deck
3 Kismet
3 Enlightened Tutors
3 Serra Angels
2 White Knights
2 Order of the White Shield
2 Blinking Spirits
3 Crudade
2 Rightousness
3 Orbs, 3 Icys, 3 Howling Mines
2 Mangara's Blessing, 2 Seraphs
4 Longbow Archers, 4 Swords To Plowshares
This Deck is not Type 2 Legal!!
The best way to play this deck is to keep your opponent at bay with your quick creatures and Swords to Plowshares. Then Tutor for the parts of you combo in this order: Kismet, Icy, Orb, Mine. If you draw one of them though, play it out of order unless it is the Orb, I wouldn't reccommend it!!


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