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Magic: The Gathering is a fantasy CCG in which the players each are a powerful wizard called a planeswalker, who duel from 20 life until one of them dies. This is my Magic: The Gathering Page!!

Urza's Saga Decks Reviewed
Like the last few sets, WotC has put out four preconstructed decks with Urza's Saga. The first deck is Tombstone. This deck is made with the popular tournament theme of Reanimation.(See my past decks at the bottom of the page for a Reanimator deck.)Using only the cards from Urza's Saga though, leaves the deck out of many of the good cards like Buried Alive to fill up the graveyard. How do you fill it then?? You use the new Cycling ability throughout the game. This deck is pretty good, but suffers from the lack of depth it could have had from the other sets. The next deck is Special Delivery. This deck is a red and green speed-fest, that uses the new Echo ability to just stomp the crap out of woever sits across from you. It could use a City of Solitude to protect you during your turn though. The next deck is called Sleeper. This is a new take on the traditional white weenie deck. It uses the new Sleeping Enchantments to help amass an army of creatures, and then overunn your opponent. It could have used a few crusades though. The final deck is called The Plague. This is a Pestilence deck, made only from the current expansion's card list. It really missed the lack of the white Angels and a traditional CoP:Black. If you don't play lots of lands and soon, you're screwed. These decks are pretty good. I reccommend that everyone go out and buy them now!!
New Sets For Holiday Season!!
Magic has two sets out now and they are both pretty cool. The first, is Urza's Saga. The release of this set means that all of your Mirage-block cards (Mirage, Visions, Weatherlight) are no longer type 2 legal. This set makes up for it though. This is also the first set NOT to have CoP's of any kind!! This set can most easily be described in one word: POWERFUL!! Urza's Saga brings back the days of power decks full of enchantments and artifacts. Oh, did you like buyback and shadow? Well, they're gone in this set. This will leave Urza's Saga decks very vulnerable unless they add in some Tempest-block cards to their decks. The next item is not really a set, but a gift box. Anthologies is the culmination of countless hours of complaining by longtime players that has two decks in it that are made up of at least one card from every set from alpha through Urza's Saga. These decks are cool, and good news, they have the same backs as normal Magic cards. That means that they can be used in normal decks with no trouble. The box is around $30 though, so maybe it should be on your Christmas list. With these being the last releases of 1998, WotC went out on a GREAT note.
Deck Of The Moment!!

My Personal Goblin Deck

1 Goblin Mutant
2 Goblin Hero
2 Goblin King
4 Keeper of Kookus
1 Kookus
4 Mon's Goblin Raiders
2 Goblin Recruiters, 2 Goblin Sappers
2 Goblin War Drums, 2 Goblins of the Flarg
1 Lightning Cloud, 2 Goblin Shrine
4 Firebreathing, 3 Goblin Scouts, 2 Disintegrate
2 Goblin Grenade, 4 Lightning Bolts, 2 Spitting Earth
2 Kaervek's Torch, 1 Goblin Bomb
20 Mountains
This Deck is not Type 2 Legal!!
The best way to play this deck is to swarm with lots of Goblins DUH!!!
Past Decks Of the Moment!!
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