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Ignorant Defense: A Matchbox20 Site

Welcome to Ignorant Defense!

We are psychotic, obsessed Matchbox20 fans. Come on in!

15 February 2001 - Have you all seen the video for 'If You're Gone'; it's very interesting. For all you who want to know. I've been looking on Amazon.com at the zShops and auctions. There is a lot of cool mb20 stuff up for grabs, you all should check it out.

Mad Season Tour 2001

Mad Season Lyrics

1. Angry
2. Black and White People
3. Crutch
4. Last Beautiful Girl
5. If You're Gone
6. Mad Season
7. Rest Stop
8. The Burn
9. Bent
10. Bed of Lies
11. Leave
12. Stop
13. You Won't Be Mine

There is a new link, an interiew with Rob at DrDrew Thanks to Jennifer for this site.

Don't hesitate to email me with info and anything else at match_girls@hotmail.com

New article here

Keep checking in for more updates

Check out the lyrics to Mad Season here

mb20 updated their page with new merchandise. Check it out VOTE for us at the little SOTM square towards the bottom of the page. We'd really like to win and it only takes a minute. You know that you want to!!! -Peace, Nikole


There is an article from Spin here

check out the new Shooting Stars Supersite.

we have a link to this page, it is the Official Tabitha's Secret page. Check it out. We did, there is a lot of bitterness between the bands. But if you want some really cool .wav files with great vocals by Rob, check it out anyway!!

We've had some e-mails and stuff about this, to get to the site map, you must click on the banner, that will bring you to all the cool stuff...

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