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Since 1988, Accura Analytical Laboratory, Inc., (AAL) has provided analytical support for more than 36,000 environmental projects for more than 500 different environmental engineers and consultants. We also work directly with multiple federal agencies and provide routine support on large analytical projects for government projects.

AAL is currently participating in the Mixed Analyte Performance Evaluation Program (MAPEP) conducted by the Department of Energy and is a past participant in the EPA’s Contract Laboratory Program (CLP). We have special expertise in delivering high-level data packages, such as CLP forms with raw data, and Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD). We routinely support EPA contractors on large EPA Remedial Action Contracts (RACs) as well as Navy RACs.

Our laboratory specializes in hazardous, radiochemical, and mixed waste testing with a focus on Volatiles, Semivolatiles, Pesticides, PCBs, Herbicides, Metals, Trace Metals, and Wet Chemistry. Also, AAL specializes in testing low-level radiologically contaminated waste. AAL has supported multiple environmental protocols, such as UST, HSRA, CERCLA, RCRA, CWA, NPDES, NIOSH, DOE/HASL, HAZRAP, CLP, FUDS and many others.

AAL is classified as a small disadvantaged business (SDB). AAL has assisted multiple government contractors to meet their SDB goals on large analytical projects.

Accura Group was formed specifically to deal with the crisis in the Gulf following Hurricane Katrina. We are dedicated to finding environmental solutions in the ravaged areas of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

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