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Places to go to in Korea

This page is divided into two sections: places in Seoul and places outside of Seoul. This page will show places in Seoul. To get to the page showing places outside of Seoul, click here. I will give a detailed description for the top five places in each category. Others will have only a brief message. I will only talk about places I've gone to, since it would be stupid to describe places I haven't visited.

Have you got a place in Seoul that you think is special? Then send the location's name to me here. Please be sure to give a description of the location. Maybe even why it was special to you. I reserve the right to edit any submissions. Sorry about that.

Places outside of Seoul

Places in Seoul

1. Kyongbokkung Palace and The National Museum

This is the first place you have to go to when you're in Seoul. Kyongbokkung Palace is a beautiful palace of great size. It also doesn't hurt that the National Museum and Kwanghwamun Gate is right next to it. The National museum is exactly like any other museum. However, if you're lucky, there might be a good historical exhibit going on. Kwanghwamun Gate was once the original entrance to Kyongbokkung Palace. It's sheer size will amaze you. But if you're going to go here, you will need lots of time and film. I had to go there twice to get in all the exhibits and buildings.

2. Ch'angdokkung Palace and Ch'anggyonggung Palace

I know what you're saying, "see one palace, seen them all." But that's not the case in Korea. It's true that most palaces will look the same but each one has something very unique from each other. Ch'angdokkung Palace has the very beautiful Secret Gardens. To find the wide variety of ponds, trees and plants in a palace makes it unique. Look into the ponds and you will see a variety of fishes. Also be on the look out for the turtles and frogs that frequent the shores. Ch'anggyonggung Palace is found right beside Ch'angdokkung Palace. The uniqueness of this palace is the feeling of antiquity that overcomes you. Of course, all these palaces give this sort of feeling. But at Ch'anggyonggung Palace, the feeling is more pronounced. The buildings and bridges are fashioned in a manner that is unseen in some of the other palaces.

3. Namsan Mountain and Tower

Haven't you always wanted to climb a mountain? Sure, you have. Alright, so maybe this mountain has concrete paths and a tram to take you to the top. It's still considered climbing a mountain. Namsan Mountain is one of those places that require lots of time. If you're going to walk up to the top, then have at least two hours on hand. Of course, if you don't have the time, there are buses that will take you to the top. The main attraction of Namsan is at the top. Namsan Tower (or also known as Seoul Tower) is just like the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada. At the top of the tower, it is said that you can see all of Seoul (which is a pretty big feat.) Try to pick a nice sunny but not humid day. When I went, smog ruined the view.

4. Yongsan Electronic Goods Market

Need a walkman, computer or appliance, then this is the place to go. Never have I seen so many stores dedicated to electronics in one building. I guess it's wrong to say one building since I've been told it's a whole area of buildings. I went into the main building which is connected to the subway station. Yongsan Electronic Goods Market vendors are very willing to bargin, even with foreigners. Don't worry too much about knockoffs. No vendor there would ever attempt to ruin there reputation by selling garbage knockoffs. But, I'd still keep an eye out. The market's motto is "If you can't find it here, it's doesn't exist." I believe it too.

5. Shinch'on

This area in Seoul is the best in offering entertainment, food and drinks. Venturing out there at night, you will meet all the university students looking to party. Many dance clubs and bars can be found here. Look for them high and low. I don't remember any particular names but you'll find a place very quickly. Remember, have more than enough money on you. Must take into account the costs of: food, drinks, cover charge and taxis. You'll probably stay there past the closing time of the subways.